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A reliable phone line is essential, as is having a telephone line that is low-cost and cheap to use too. Telecom services are typically one of the largest expenses of any organisation or business. As a charity, this is a cost the majority can ill afford and with our help you needn’t endure those astronomic costs. Thankfully Dial2Donate has savings ready for you to enjoy on both your call costs and line rental. Fill out the form above, phone us on 0330 332 5252 or mail us at

BT Wholesale Prices

Our access to Tier 1 BT wholesale prices means that you can enjoy optimum service at wholesale price.

That means reduced call costs, reduced line rental and reduced service charges – however, just because these aspects are reduced, rest assured, the highest possible performance still remains. Any technical issues, new installs or upgrades will still be managed by BT and Openreach.

No Expensive Downtime

The transferral of your phone lines and numbers is a mere paperwork exercise. There is no disruption to your daily routine and no loss of phone operation. It really is that straightforward – the Dial2Donate team will handle literally everything for you.


As your charity’s needs grow so do our flexible services. With the option of new BT lines as required and upgrades from analogues to ISDN lines, the great thing is all your communication needs are covered.