Vivi – bringing charity & market research together


Giving to charity just got easier

Vivi has created a new way to show your support simply by offering a little of your time (and your opinions) to complete short online market research questionnaires.

Offering your time, not your money

Okay, most of us want to give to charity but, unfortunately we don’t always have money to spare. Worry not. Vivi opens a world of opportunity which enables you to contribute towards charity simply by offering a few minutes of online market research time.

Choose your charity

Although Vivi supports four main charities – Magic Breakfast, Centrepoint, Refuge and Place2Be – there is also the opportunity to select an alternative name to give to.
For a closer look click onto!charities-we-support/cfvg

No catches, no fees, no contract – no worries

The great thing is registration with Vivi is FREE and there is no set time for being with them – you can opt out whenever. What’s more, you do not have to carry out a certain number of surveys and you can pick & choose which you would like to do.

Your opinions count

Along with the good you are doing for charities, your opinion can also shape the way that organisations make decisions regarding products, services and policies. Rest assured, despite the fact that your thoughts are shared, your personal details remain private – with Vivi, secure privacy policies are firmly in place.

Fun, ethical, easy – what’s not to love?

Vivi bring a different (& secure) way of charitable giving whilst providing a professional service for an array of organisations. For more information about how you can take part or to simply read more please visit

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