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What is needed to UNLOCK RUNCORN

  • 2000 signatures
  • More Runcorn Locks Restoration Society members
  • Volunteers
  • Funding

What is the Unlock Runcorn campaign

Quite simply, ‘unlocking Runcorn’ is a current campaign dedicated Unlock Runcornto  reopening the flight of canal locks in Runcorn’s Old Town – increasing passing boat trade and unlocking Runcorn’s potential. In addition to restoring the historical links within the city, two new canal cruising rings will also be created, one of which accommodating the River Weaver and the historic Anderton Lift Canal, the other to incorporate the Shropshire Union Canal. Boosting the economical, recreational and social routes within the region not only means opening the waterways it also equals opening extensive opportunities.

Runcorn Locks – the history

Established back in 1761 Bridgwater is steeped in history, incorporating Runcorn Canal which created lucrative trade openings to Liverpool’s seaport.  The first two lines of locks within Runcorn were originally built to connect the Bridgewater Canal Corridor with the River Mersey and  the Manchester Ship Canal. In actual fact, the Runcorn and Western Canal was built as long ago as 1858-59. So, when they fell into disuse in the 1930s and consequently closed under, ‘The Ship Canal Act of 1949’ it was a catastrophic end to a magnificent era.

Runcorn Locks Restoration Society

The Runcorn Locks Restoration Society (RLRS) has made it their mission to work with others to ensure Runcorn’s lock are fully restored and the waterways reopened for generations to come. If the unlocking of Runcorn is to happen it is essential that enough funds and support are generated.

How can you help?

Unlocking RuncornThere are two ways in which you can, ‘Unlock Runcorn’ and truly push this positive project forward. Your help today could create a thriving Runcorn for generations to come.


The more signatures collected the better chance Runcorn’s waterways have of free flowing once again.

Adding your name takes just seconds but the benefits could last a lifetime. To add your name click onto www.unlockruncorn.org/sign_the_petition .


There are various ways in which you can get involved in, ‘Unlocking Runcorn’ including volunteering a little of your time to this fantastic appeal.

You could:

Volunteer to collect petition signatures

Volunteer to input petition information

Volunteer to help the clean-up team

For more information just visit www.unlockruncorn.org/volunteer

Become an RLRS Society Member 

It is essential for the RLRS to show enough support for the project in addition of course to sufficient funding. Therefore in addition to petition signatures, gaining society members would boost the ‘Unlock Runcorn’ campaign significantly.

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