Top 5 charity apps

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We all like to think we’re charitable people, but many of us find excuses not to give to our favourite causes, often simply because we think we don’t have the time. Smartphone apps offer quick and easy ways to donate to charity – some of them don’t even require dipping into our own pockets. Take a look at our handy guide to the top charity mobile apps available to download today.

Donate a Photo

People these days love to share photos, with our smartphones giving us the ability to detail every inch of our day to day lives. Johnson & Johnson took this idea and created Donate a Photo – an incredibly simple concept in which the corporation donates one US dollar per photo shared. You are limited to uploading one photo per day, and you can pick where your donation goes from a list of worthy causes. $1 doesn’t sound a lot but it adds up – if you share one photo per day you’ll have raised $365 by the end of a year. Just think of it as Instagram, only you’re giving something back each time you post. Oh and don’t worry – your photo will never be used for commercial purposes.

Cost – free. Available on iPhone and Android.


SnapDonate is an easy-to-use app that allows you to take a picture of any charity logo in order to make a quick donation. Simply take a screenshot of any logo and the app will recognise it from its database. You can then make a minimum donation of £2, which is the same limit as with JustGiving. You don’t have to use the camera feature either – the app’s search feature allows you to donate to over 13,000 UK charities. The app will work offline too, with screenshots saved in a ‘To Do’ folder for you to complete when you get back online. Payment is safe and secure, with all details held by JustGiving.

Cost – free. Available on iPhone and Android.


Charity alarm clock iCukoo allows you to bring giving into your daily routine simply by hitting the snooze button in the morning! Simply download the app, set your alarm, select the charity you wish to support and decide how much each snooze is worth. Each time you press snooze the app will keep note, and when you have reached £1 it will ask you whether you want to donate or keep building your total. iCukoo is beautifully designed and a great alternative to your standard phone alarm. With charities such as Starlight, Parkinson’s UK and Prostate Cancer UK on board, you could be making a difference simply by falling back to sleep.

Cost – free. Available on iPhone.

NHS Give Blood

Technically not a charity, but this one needs mentioning as the handy NHS Give Blood app is a convenient way to donate one of the most important things you can. After registering, the app becomes a one-stop place to find your nearest place to give blood and find and book appointments. A record will be kept so that you know when you’re eligible to donate again. Helpful tips and guidance also let you know if there’s any reason you won’t be able to give blood, such as illness or recent piercings or tattoos. If the reason you’ve not given blood is that you can’t be bothered to pick up the phone and speak to someone, you simply don’t have that excuse anymore – this couldn’t be easier.

Cost – free. Available on iPhone, Android and Windows Phone.

Charity Miles

Charity Miles is an awesome exercise-based app that lets you become a sponsored athlete as you work out! After downloading the app, choose your charity of choose and press start. As you burn those calories, the app will track your distance and the money earned, and then send you a confirmation when you finish your workout. Cyclists earn 10 cents per mile whilst runners and walkers earn 25 cents per mile. The more miles you put in, the more money you raise. It’s a win-win situation. Tip – the app will ask for a US zip code, simply enter anything into this field to register!

Cost – free. Available on iPhone and Android.