The PDSA’s Pet Fit Club kicks off!

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The PDSA has announced the 17 furry finalists of their Pet Fit Club competition, with the selected animals carrying a whopping 32 stone in excess weight.

Tipping the scales

This year’s chubby contestants include ten podgy pups, five felines, one rotund rabbit and even a rat as small furry pets are allowed entry for the first year. Topping the weight chart is humongous Rottweiler Hooch, who currently weighs in at 82.2kg (almost 13 stone) – heavier than a super-middle-weight boxer! Hooch, who lives with owner Leslie in Hull, is the heaviest pet ever to have taken part in the Pet Fit Club, which is now in its tenth year.


Leslie said: “Hooch was mistreated before so he’s a bit wary of strangers. He used to eat five tins of dog food a day but I’ve cut him down to one. He’s already lost so much weight but I want him to be healthy and happy and to live as long as he can.”

Pesky pug

Alongside Hooch is mischievous pug Rolo, who was adopted by his new owners at the end of 2014. The food-loving scamp currently weighs 2st 1lb but should be about 1st 6lb.

Owner Lydia Ernstsons, from Epsom, Surrey, said: “He has a habit of chasing people carrying shopping bags of food and has even been known to follow complete strangers into their home.

“His favourite trick is to pull at the tablecloth until any food on the table falls to the floor, and just last weekend he jumped into the pond after food that was thrown for the ducks.”

Six-month plan

The contestants will now be following a personalised six-month diet and exercise plan, attending their local PDSA hospitals regularly to keep on track. After the six-month plan is complete, the pet which has trimmed down the most will be crowned the UK’s pet slimmer of the year.

Is YOUR pet a healthy weight?

If reading this article is making you think of a portly pet close to home, you may want to try out this simple test to see if your critter is a healthy weight. This one-minute test is easy, can be done at home, and works for all types of animals. The test works by checking your pet’s shape – which is a better way to tell if they’re carrying extra weight than using the scales alone. The video below shows how to carry out the test, using staffie Millie as an example.

For dieting tips and advice for your pet, visit the PDSA Pet Fit Club website here.

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