Some egg-celent Easter fundraising ideas for the weekend

Easter Fundraising ideas

As a major celebration and festival across many parts of the world, Easter presents us with a prime opportunity to give back. Marking the end of lent, Easter is often a time spent with family and friends, especially in the UK with the four-day Bank Holiday weekend, ensuring everyone is off work and up for a good time.

If you’ve successfully stuck to giving a luxury up for lent, why not donate what you would have spent to a charity of your choice? I’m sure that chocolate, those cigarettes, or even those pints of beer have amounted to a substantial amount for many charities.

If like me, you haven’t ever successfully given up something for lent so feel fraudulent doing the above, it wouldn’t hurt to donate anyway. However, we don’t all have enough to spare to donate large amounts of money to a charity, so creating fundraising events or getting involved in crowd-funding sponsorships are much easier.

We’ve outlined some fundraising ideas for the festivities below that you could easily add to a family fete, or if (like me) you seldom celebrate Easter aside from the influx of chocolate, hold an event yourself. Backyards, gardens, parks, nothing is too small to raise funds. You could even bring the fun into work.

Easter egg decorating competition and race

This can be incorporated into most festivities for an incredibly small price – cheap paint, a few dozen eggs and you’ve got yourself scope for fierce competition. Charge £2 for adults and £1 for kids and create two different competitions.

easter egg

Leave a mini bowl in front of each egg and get people to donate by chucking in some spare change into their favourite – winner with the most cash wins. Prizes needn’t be expensive, they can be donated from a family or friend or you can let a local business know your plans. You’d be surprised what they could offer!

Then find your nearest off-road hill and have an egg-rolling race. Appoint a bookmaker to take bets on the winner, and charge 50p per entry. See that money and those eggs roll in.

Easter Egg Hunt

While you’re near that grassy hill, park, garden, woodland (or even inside), charge your partygoers to hunt mini Easter eggs. The one who finds the most eggs wins and mysteriously keep the prize a secret. The prize can be all the mini eggs of course. Perhaps buy in an alternative for those with a sugar or dairy intolerance, though.

Easter raffles

Charge £1 entry for all your party guests and automatically put them into a raffle. Buy a massive Easter egg for the prize beforehand and I’m sure they’ll be pleased to see what their pound as bought them.

There can be many other prizes too if you manage to get any donated to the cause – and the same can be said for tombola.

You could also charge your guests to try and pin the ears on the bunny, turning that old favourite into something charitable. Winners get something chocolate based, or anything someone would like to donate.

Egg and spoon race and egg toss

Active competitions can motivate the sportier of the bunch to get involved. But that vulnerable shell of an egg can put everyone on edge for the right reasons, which is why egg and spoon races are so great. They’re simple, and they can be done anywhere and anyone – charge for entry and you’ve got a money maker.

In the same park, garden or school field you can throw the same fragile eggs between people in pairs, increase the distance between each pair every time they successfully catch it and the winner who throws and catches the egg without any cracks or drops wins. This would be a definite crowd pleaser.

egg and spoon

Easter bunny fancy dress

Get on your bunny suits and bunny ears and have a bunny party. Ask everybody to dress up in a DIY bunny outfits and announce a winner, using younger guests as judges.

Or, get guests to come dressed as normal and charge them to create their own from the wealth of cheap pipe cleaners and faux fur and other arts and crafts you’ve already bought in. Winners could probably win something chocolate based for this one too.

Spring flower sale

The Easter holidays mark the beginning of the picturesque floral reason and we can use the daffodils to our advantage when raising money. You can sell single flowers, trays of flowers or arrange some small bouquets.

Flower sales can generate a nice profit alone, but you can combine other types of competitions to make it more appealing. There’ll be many people who’d like to have a go at flower arranging, so why not make it into an amateur competition or auction?

You’d be surprised at what local florist and garden centres can offer you when buying a bulk of flowers – don’t be afraid to ask for donations or a discount.

Turn someone into an egghead

This has the potential to be a big money maker. Employees or classmates pledge money and set a fundraising target to hit. Once that target is hit, a volunteer must step forward and have their head shaved into a lovely egg-looking thing. The longer the hair or the vainer the person the better.

Bake sale

Know someone that can cook? Skilled bake-off star yourself? Bake some cupcakes, cornflake cakes, carrot cake, hot cross buns, bunny-shaped cookies, simnel cake, chick-shaped biscuits (anything at all Easter-related) and set up a stall.

hot cross bun

You can do this at the reception in an office block, on your front lawn, or even at lunch time at school or university. Bake sales always go down a (sweet) treat. Just don’t put the prices over the odds, or let customers make a donation per baked good. You could also turn it into a competition at work or home – the Great Easter Bake Off, have a range of awards up-for-grabs, ‘winner,’ ‘most creative,’ ‘wooden spoon…’ get creative!

Bunny run

Sick of chocolate and fancy running it off in aid of charity? We don’t blame you. This is simple if you’re part of a running club, who you can charge to have a small 5k race or fun run around the area.

Getting none-active people to eggs-ercise may be a challenge, but who doesn’t love a challenge? Buy some bunny ears in bulk in advance and offer them as part of the entry fee. Create a buffet of cheap chocolate to welcome racers to the finish line. Easy.

Guess the number of eggs

Get a large jar and an eggs-troadinarly amount of mini eggs in bulk (we’re sure you can get them for cheap somewhere), and get employees or customers to pay a pound and guess the number of eggs. The closest will get to win them all. Bagsy not counting the eggs!

So there you have it folks, we hope we’ve inspired you to have an egg-cellent, Easter fundraising fete. Have fun!


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