Saving rhinos – all in a day’s work for Dial2Donate

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Saving rhinos in Altrincham

Save the rhinoWhen the paths of Save the Rhino International and Dial2Donate crossed just a matter of months ago, a beautiful friendship was formed. On the brink of extinction, the five majestic species of rhino now need everyone’s help more than ever before. For Dial2Donate becoming involved to support these magnificent creatures was a no-brainer – we quite simply had to help.

From small thoughts came big ideas

The Dial2Donate creative team set about generating ideas based upon Save the Rhino charity and their 20th-anniversary year. Addressing the pivotal questions of: ‘What has the charity already achieved? Which obstacles have made progress difficult?…and, What are the future goals for the charity? Dial2Donate and Save the Rhino International set about creating what has now developed into a year-long campaign named, ‘Rhino Legends’.

What is Rhino Legends?

Quite simply Rhino Legends works on many different levels. Of course, Rhino Legendsthere are the legendary fundraisers who experience true sweat and tears in a bid to generate vital funds for such a worthwhile cause. However, the term legend also refers to the epic journey of the rhinos and their story following year-upon-year of hope and heartache.

Will the rhinos’ struggle against mindless poachers end in success? Can these wonderful animals beat extinction? Only time and support can tell.

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