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The historic Savoy cinema in Stockport is in danger of permanent closure. A local group of impassioned residents and business workers are looking to save the cinema with an ambitious project that may need your help. Without this cinema, Stockport will lose an arts hub for the city and the plans that the group have are to turn it into a real centrepiece for the city.

  • More signatures and local support is needed to show that this project is viable
  • Visit the website for more information on how to be involved in the funding process
  • Future funding and volunteers may be required
Savoy Arts Centre

Find out more about the project here:

Proud residents of Stockport are rallying together to launch an extremely audacious attempt to rescue a local historic landmark from the very real threat of permanent closure.

Stockport’s Savoy cinema in Heaton Moor has stood as the towns independent cinema for nearly a century and currently is lacking the vital equipment that can keep the cinema in operation. Due to the adoption of digital technologies by major motion picture distributors, The Savoy has fallen behind the times and currently doesn’t house a digital projection system. As the industry becomes fully digital, The Savoy slowly becomes obsolete.

However a community group is looking to come to the rescue and potentially buy the troubled Savoy and in the process turn it into an arts hub for the city. Facing a purchase price of  £750,000 or a slightly lighter £40,000 per year rent, the campaign group have outlined their aim to acquire the building, renovate, transform and relaunch it as a brand new, community run venue with a fully functioning digital cinema and cafe-bar.

The campaign team, comprising of local residents, business owners, professionals and more are planning to attract National Lottery funding along with other means of capital and are planning a community share issue scheme, truly bringing the Savoy back to those in community. birdseye-savoy

At the time of writing, over 2000 people have leant their weight to the campaign via an online petition and have also gained celebrity support from comedian and local resident Justin Moorhouse – who has tweeted his praise for the cause.

Stating on their campaign website, the group say that “There is a real danger that The Savoy will simply close and the Heatons will be faced with a boarded up or semi-derelict building in the heart of the community… Our challenge is to save The Savoy and transform it into a dynamic, attractive community asset with a sustainable long term future.”

The group behind the bid are looking for more people to sign their petition and assist with future fundraising. As a project that is constantly evolving, new funding is going to be needed as the vision becomes reality. Find out more and how you can get involved by clicking the link on this page.