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  • Easy to set-up

  • Takes the stress away from your team

  • Experienced at writing winning bids

  • Grants of all types included

  • Professionally trained

  • Exclusive reduced rates for charities

Need to put a bid proposal together, but don’t have the time or expertise? Our expert can help you create a bid or grant application that wins you the funding you require. Fill out the form above, phone us on 0330 332 5252 or mail us at

Access to new funds

Getting an experienced bid writer on board with your application can open up new avenues of funding – potentially allowing you to grow your charity and help even more people.

Professionally trained

Our bid writer has extensive experience of putting together winning bids, which means you can rest assured that your application will have the best chance possible of being accepted.

Take the stress away from your charity

Bid writing can be one of the most stressful and time consuming tasks that any charity undertakes – and in most cases, the person filling out the forms is being taken away from a job where their skills are better used. Our bid writer will ensure that your staff remain used to the best of their abilities.