MedEquip4Kids want you for their Quays Duck race, April 3 2015

Medequip4Kids Duck Race
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Ever fancied yourself as a champion trainer? Think you can pit yourself against the very best? Or do you just reckon that you’d be able to plonk a duck in the water and cheer it on to victory? regardless of what camp you MedEquip4Kidsfall into, the MedEquip4Kids team are looking for businesses and individuals to participate in their Duck Race on Good Friday, April 3rd 2015.

Taking place on Salford Quays, the day promises to be fun for the entire family, with baby ducks costing only £2 and big ducks costing £250. The latter is for local businesses who would like to be involved – with companies able to decorate their competitor with their own logos and however else they see fit (as long as there aren’t any performance enhancing modifications, of course).

“This isn’t your typical event sponsorship deal”

MedEquip4Kids will be using the proceeds from the event to benefit a number of different projects – with a children’s diabetes clinic at Stepping Hill Hospital, Stockport being one of the main beneficiaries. Treating around 160 children in the area who suffer from Type 1 Diabete, the race will fund a number of monitors that continually check sugar fluctuations and sound an alarm if anything is out of the ordinary – removing the need for hourly pin-prick tests.

In an appeal for more local businesses to get involved, MedEquip4Kids event fundraiser Lily Axworthy said “The duck race is a great way for any and all businesses to get involved in supporting a Manchester-based charity.

“This isn’t your typical event sponsorship deal – it’s much more fun and interactive. Each giant duck costs £250 and you can decorate and brand your duck or ducks in any way you want. We want this event to grow so would love for even more Manchester-based companies to jump on board.”

You can book your baby ducks now through the MedEquip4Kids website, and companies can also sign up for their corporate duck there too. Even if you’re not racing yourself, it’ll still be worth heading down on April 3 for a great day of fundraising for a great cause.

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