Mancunian Way Win Key 103 Award

Congratulations to Mancunian Way

Dial2Donate would like to say a massive ‘well done’ to Mancunian Way for their recent Key 103 Award win. Presented with the accolade for, ‘Project of the Year’ Mancunian Way said that they were, “…honoured to be part of it.”  The Manchester-based charity is looking forward to working with the city’s radio Manc Way Logostation to as the charity said it would help to, “…ensure all young people succeed in life.”

A wonderful evening…

The Key 103 Award ceremony was held at the city’s prestigious Gorton Monastery as many others along with Mancunian Way also received their awards for work in the community. One of the charity’s ambassadors went along to collect Mancunian Way’s award. Along with the KEY 103’s presentation, Mancunian Way’s ambassador was also given praise from the Lord and Lady Mayaor.


One of the projects on which Mancunian Way and Key 103 will be


working together is the seasonal ‘Cash4Kids’ campaign. If you haven’t heard about the Cash4Kids Christmas Present Campaign, it basically ensures that many of the region’s children who are most in need, receive a gift. Mancunian Way is nominating youngsters specifically for this year’s Cash4Kids appeal.

Guiding youngsters for a better future

An ongoing focus on ensuring that Manchester’s youngsters make more positive life choices and that the avenues to do so are open, are evident throughout Mancunian Way’s many projects. As the charity’s team highlighted in their last newsletter,

“Our core projects working on the streets to engage young people, reduce antisocial behaviour and prevent victims of crime, are going well. Our city centre work has seen a huge reduction of young people drinking and taking legal highs. Engagement is the key.”

Identifying the potential in everyone is a mission that consistently comes to the fore at Mancunian Way and through sheer determination, human kindness and ongoing communication, the results achieved by the team are outstanding.

Why not take a closer look at some of the life-changing work carried out by Mancunian Way? To find out more please visit




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