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Formed in the wake of the riots of 2011, Mancunian Way is a multi-award winning charity that aims to help guide young people away from lives of anti-social behaviour – and has continually proved that it is one B5FrA9qIgAA_uRWof the most vital organisations in the area. With many of the services that previously looked to educate and engage young people and push them towards more fulfilling lives having been dissolved or had their budgets cut during the austerity measures taken by the UK government, the charity has stepped in to fill many of the gaps left.

Fewer words, more action

Through early intervention and prevention, Mancunian Way work across Greater Manchester to attempt to minimise anti-social behaviour (sometimes referred to as ASB). By taking this approach, they hope to stop young people making the same mistakes as a small minority that went before – describing the approach as ‘common sense really, not rocket science’. By breaking these habits and traits early, the organisation helps not only the individual but also the wider community by improving the quality of life for all.

What sets the charity apart from many other similar organisations is their insistence on taking action on matters, rather than relying on paper-work, policy changes or press coverage to make a difference. The vast majority of their work is done face-to-face either on the streets or in venues – and they believe that this is the key to their ongoing success. This is backed up by an insistence on self-reliance rather than depending on the council or government to solve the issues that young people face. This extends to encouraging the communities themselves to take positive action to change the lives of the people living within them for the better, too.

Award winning, life changing

Having grown up on the nortious Anston Estate, Lonsight, founder Nick Buckley experienced anti-social behaviour regularly while growing up – and has since spent his professional career attempting to change the lives of people from similar backgrounds to his own for the better. Before starting Mancunian Way, he had previously had spells as a Youth Nuisance Coordinator in East Manchester, worked on the city-wide RESPECT Agenda and RESPECT Action Neighbourhoods projects, as well as interviewing David Cameron, advising the Prime Minister’s Policy Unit and assisting regional authorities around the country – as well as much more beside.

Mancunian Way have won multiple honours, including Greater Manchester Police’s Pride of Gorton award (2014), Illegal Money Lending Team’s Stop Loan Sharks award (2014) and Lloyds Banking Group’s Social Entrepreneur award (2012). Backed by a growing team of staff, volunteers and trustees, the scope and the scale of the organisation is constantly shifting to make the most of their resources – and has had vocal support from some influential voices.

Chief Constable of Manchester Police Peter Fahy is one of the many to have praised the charity’s work in recent times, noting at the Flame Award award 2013, “It is clear that Mancunian Way impressed the judges and are committed to working with young people to reduce anti-social behaviour. It is great to see that there are so many local charities encouraging community effort.”

These sentiments have been backed up by former Executive Head Chef of Hilton Manchester David Gale, who experienced anti-social behaviour constantly while growing up in Wythenshawe, “I picked Mancunian Way to support because… I saw at first hand how young people could easily make the wrong decision and get caught up in the Criminal Justice System which could ruin the rest of their life. We shouldn’t be waiting to deal with offenders, but rather getting in there early and stopping the offending before it even happens.”

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