Love Doesn’t Hurt aiming to raise awareness of Domestic Abuse

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Of all the issues faced by large swathes of the general public, domestic abuse remains one of the most sensitive and difficult matters to discuss – as well as being increasingly hard to fundraise for. A new initiative is looking to change all of that, however – with Love Doesn’t hurt attempting to earn funds and raise awareness through their new charity wristband.

Backed by Janette Manrara from Strictly Come Dancing and Jenni Steele of Woman’s Hour fame among a range of other celebrities, the scheme will be selling wristbands for £1.50 through their website. Organised by the Domestic Violence UK charity, the initiative seeks to highlight the fact that around one in four females and one in six males are the victims of domestic abuse – and the hope is that the scheme will give a voice to these people, as well as lowering the amount of people who have to go through this plight.

Education & self-help

Alongside the wristbands, Domestic Violence UK have also launched their own online radio station. Called The Wellbeing Station, the plan is for their broadcasts to provide educational content around domestic abuse, talk shows and self-help podcasts, as well as music and entertainment. Backed by the stars who have put their name to Love Doesn’t Hurt and Love Doesn't Hurtambassador Andrew Lindsay – chief executive of Telecom Plus – the station should become a vital tool in helping those who are suffering from a range of different abuse problems and mental health issues.

The scheme was launched by Steele and DJ Anna Kiss at a free event in London, where the duo spoke to students and school teachers from across the city about what Love Doesn’t Hurt is about. Steele said, “It’s important we continue to raise awareness on the issues of domestic and emotional abuse with our children, teenagers, young people, friends and family members. The Love Doesn’t Hurt campaign addresses this subject because it prompts a decision to speak out against domestic violence.”

If you would like to help the campaign, or feel as though you could benefit from any of the schemes that Domestic Violence UK are running, you can visit their official website using the link above. Wristbands priced at £1.50 are available there too.

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