Longford Park Pet’s Corner faces closure without £500 boost

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£500 needed to save Pet's Corner

With many public-funding amenities being closed down in recent years due to the ongoing austerity measured being enforced by the UK government, every week seems to bring a new project facing a funding deficit. However, few can be as well loved and vital at Longford Park’s Pet’s Corner, which is due to have it’s financial links to the Trafford Council cut by the end of March – and they are now looking for donations from the public to keep it open as a going concern.

Free to enter, Pet’s Corner has operated as a sort of miniature working farm for a number of years. Featuring ducks, geese, chickens, pigmy goats and much more beside, it has entertained and informed thousands of visitors – Pets Corner Longford Parkand is currently looking for around £500 in funding to make sure that this link to the natural world is not lost from the Stretford and Chorlton landscape for good.

Better than ever before

As well as planning on keeping the animals home, fed and cared for, the latest plans will see the area developed into a multi-functional space that can better adapt and react to the needs of the local community. This will include allowing the public greater access to the animals than ever before, as well as curating other activities such as food foraging and water harvesting.

This latest attempt to maintain one of the pillars of the local community is being undertaken by Uprising Bakehouse, who have signed a lease with Trafford Council in order to use the Pet’s Corner as a Local Food Hub. With the number of volunteers now on the rise and a public consultation showing that there is real appreciation of the project from the community. Uprising Bakehouse see the space as vital to educating about how vital animals are in our lives, and in providing sustainable food systems.

If you’re unable to contribute financially, or simply have other materials that may be of more use – such as animal feed, bedding, or your own time, the team behind saving Pet’s Corner would love to hear from you. Regardless of the size of your donation, it could make a real difference to one of the area’s most important resources.