Is your charity making the most of video on Facebook?

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You may be surprised to hear that Facebook videos actually have a greater organic reach than articles or other media forms within the same newsfeed. Instant and easy engagement, means that a Facebook video has the ability to reach an intended audience without the need for viewers to work for the info they require.

Easy on the eye and indeed eye-catching, videos have a natural edge above many other methods. Despite embellishing even the most informative post, photos and imagery don’t seem to cut it the way that Facebook videos do.

Applying Video with Optimum Effectiveness

OK, we’ve established that introducing video to your charity’s Facebook page is advantageous. The next step is to examine how to implement that video to its full potential.

There are three simple hints to consider when introducing video which include:

  • Inspiration Quality – using video to reach out to the viewer (and potential donor) on an emotional level can result in them connecting with your charity and its specific appeal. That means viewers can identify with familiar ground and easily see reasons to support your cause.
  • Call Viewers to Action – utilising a ‘Watch Video’ instruction as a ‘Call to Action’ is an easy way to encourage viewers/readers into your site and towards an ultimate donation.
  • Educate your Audience – a concise video can convey what your charity’s mission is, capturing its essence in an instant. Video is also a cleverly simply way to teach your viewers, ideal for specific campaigns or events.

Timing is Everything in Social Media

Of course, it is all well and good applying your video but if it isn’t used at the right time then maximum impact may be lost.

Statistics published by ‘Watchtower’ based on 12.7million Facebook posts on over 22,000 Facebook suggest that the top 5 times to publish info on Facebook are:

  1. Saturday @ 10.00PM
  2. Saturday @ 8.00PM
  3. Sunday @7.00PM
  4. Saturday @7.00PM
  5. Sunday @6.00PM

Likewise the top three WORST times are:

  1. Tuesday @ 4.00AM
  2. Tuesday @ 3.00AM
  3. Thursday @ 3.00AM

For a closer look at the findings published by ‘Watchtower’ click onto

Not sure how to upload your Facebook Video?

Uploading your Facebook video is thankfully straightforward simply by logging onto Facebook, downloading ‘video editor’ and selecting your desired video from your library.

Captions are easy to add and once all material has finished uploading, all that’s left to do is hit the all-important ‘post’ button.

Why not take a closer look at the process via