Inspirational charity staff donate wages and become volunteers

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Employees at a charity which helps disadvantaged people get skills and training have donated a portion of their own wages in order to keep the company going.

Jobs Education and Training (JET) was founded to offer supplementary learning to young Bangladeshi and Pakistani people, but widened its reach and became a charity due to increased demand.

The charity bids for contracts and funding from various organisations, but is currently struggling as many of these contracts have dried up.

Financial pressure has seen the number of paid staff drop from 20 to seven, but many team members have given their wages back and returned to their positions as volunteers.

John Armstrong is a former employee. He said: “Finances were a little bit tight, so we thought ‘What can we do to help?’, so we donated up to 50% of our salaries to help through the bad times.

“The need is still here for people to maintain their standard of English, so I don’t see why they should suffer and when new contracts come, the jobs will come back.”

The charity is said to be facing its toughest period in its 15-year history. However, the team is still striving to continue providing its vital service to some 20,000 users each year.

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