From Bear Grylls’ Island to Rowing the Atlantic – ‘Because I’m a Girl’

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Adventure Time

As if surviving the strenuous daily life on Bear Grylls’ Island challenge The Island Bear Gryllswasn’t enough, Lauren Morton (25) from Leeds is now attempting to row the Atlantic. Despite already sounding like a mean feat in itself, this next epic adventure will be made even tougher. Along with three friends, Olivia Bolesworth, 26, Gee Purdy, 22, and Bella Collins, 22, Lauren will be embarking on 48 grueling days. Each day will consist of 24-hour constant rowing sessions, as the team battles their way across the unforgiving Atlantic waters.

Fans of the reality survival show,’The Island With Bear Grylls’ will tell you, Lauren has already faced painful days of dehydration and starvation. The female and male teams on the show have had to exercise determination, foresight and ingenuity if they were to stand tall against the extreme challenges of deserted island life. So, it’s safe to say that Lauren is more than prepared to tackle her mammoth row.

Why? ‘Because I’m a Girl.’

Row like a GirlThankfully there is method behind the Atlantic row that Lauren and her fellow shipmates have planned. The women are rowing to raise a potential £50,000 for Plan UK’s ‘Because I Am A Girl’ campaign. It is true to say that this mission is for life-changing reasons. ‘Because I Am A Girl’ is designed to raise funds for females from some of the world’s poorest environments, opening opportunities for education, fulfilment and combating against abuse. Obviously, this is a particularly strong driving force as Lauren comments,

“The main drive and cause that is fuelling us is raising money for Plan UK’s Because I Am A Girl campaign which aims to help millions of the world’s poorest girls get an education, live free from violence and fulfil their potential.”

Row, Row, Row with Gusto Girls

The December sail begins at La Gomera in the Canary Islands and finishes at the English Harbour, Antigua – all part of the Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge. Team members will undertake a phenomenal 3000 nautical miles over what could be the hardest 48 days of their lives. To their credit, the team is set to be the youngest group of females to complete such an Atlantic feat. As survival expert Bear Grylls says the women are,”Gutsy, committed and brave”.

Emergency situations are a real danger for the girls as any rescue teams could be up to 2-3 days away at any one time. All supplies will have to be on board, and there can be no outside assistance. In addition to gathering funds for such as great cause this amazing event offers an opportunity to prove, ‘women can do it too’, as Hannah says,

“We want to not only raise money to help Plan UK fight for girls’ rights around the world, but we also want to send the message to everyone that girls can do anything too. I view it as ‘four girls rowing for girls”.

Support is Invaluable

Determination at the fore, the rowing team will be armed with enough enthusiasm to drive them forward. Of course, your support will also go a long way to keeping that all-important motivation going too. For a closer look at what is planned as the girls set sail in December click onto To make a donation towards this magnificent cause why not click the link below?

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