Fresh Start For Hens saves chickens lives in Gillingham

Fresh Start For Hens
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Started in 2008 (then under the name Hen Rehomers UK), Fresh Start For Hens is a charity that works in and around the Gillingham area that does real work to help stop the plight of some of the country’s often most overlooked birds. Few people think about what happens to the hens that lay our eggs once they get to the point that they are no longer producing – but the sad fact is that they are often simply sent to be slaughtered and disposed of. Fresh Start For Hens actively work towards the re-homing of commercial hens so that they don’t have to suffer this fat – and they are having an enormous impact.

Overall, in the 6 years that they have been working on the project, the team have managed to save the lives of over 31,000 hens – finding them happy new homes in which they can thrive. They also work towards educating Fresh Start Henpeople on how the egg production industry works, with the hope that they will be able to education people to the point where they will feel happier buying ethically produced eggs rather than caged ones.

Hens make great pets

The hens that are salvaged by Fresh Start are given away for free by their network of volunteers at organised collection points – with the organisation simply asking for £2.50 to cover their own costs in hiring vans and paying for petrol. Fresh Start For Hens are strictly not-for-profit, but their main aim is making sure that the animals are giving to a home who will be able to love and care for them – to the point where they have previously had to care for 80 hens who haven’t been picked up at the allocated time by their prospective adopters.

If you’re interested in getting a hen from Fresh Start For Hens, you can get in contact with them through their website (at the time of writing, their reservations for forthcoming hens than need homes are closed, but they are constantly adding new collection dates and times). Alternatively, you can donate to their cause using the PayPal link above.

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