Dial2Donate, every call counts

This site offers advice and call forwarding options, and we are in no way affiliated with any organisation mentioned on this website. Calls to 084 numbers cost up to 7p per minute plus your network access charge.

                                                                                            …that’s our ethos, belief system & mission statement

Stories at the heart of communities

Our team like to roll up their sleeves and really find out about worthwhile causes. We believe that charity is not just about giving, it’s about understanding, talking, sharing, listening and finding a way forward – one of the most essential tools being communication.

Dial2Donate is fundamentally about communication on two levels, opening essential lifeline channels for charities and traditional yet compassionate options for conscientious callers.

As well as gathering much-needed funding, we actually grasp the opportunity to empathise with our given charities, following projects, people and stories along what are often tough journeys. We focus on grassroots appeals, addressing projects that are the heart of local communities, everyday people and deserving causes that may have otherwise fallen through the larger charity net – or simply require help to reach what are sometimes seen as unachievable goals.

We love to work in conjunction with our charity friends too, and in the past have offered our content writing services for a range of things, including guest blogs, leaflets, corporate packs and infographics.

From local charities who need must-have materials for vital repairs to fulfilling dreams on bucket lists and giving monetary donations towards essential items, we address every appeal individually.

Doing it the Dial2Donate way

By giving a substantial percentage of call costs to designated charities each month, we turn the simple act of dialling a Call Connection Phone Number into so much more.

Donating to deserving causes simply by dialling a number is hassle free, it’s easy, and to our team, it is an obvious solution – morally and practically. Here at Dial2Donate, we believe that this is a convenient way to show compassion through an act most of us do every day – making a phone call.

All we ask is that our callers stop for a moment, think about the difference you could make and dial or click with a generous heart and mind. After all, callers were going to dial anyway, so why not dial to donate? Every call counts.