Dial2Donate’s turning lbs into cash for MASH

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Juicy Connoisseurs

It’s week 3 of the Juice Challenge here at Dial2Donate and we’ve becomecarrot juice real connoisseurs of the juice world. Believe me, there have been some concoctions to delight the taste buds. There have also been some decidedly unsavoury blends. However, through trial and error we seem to be getting there.

If you have any juice recipe suggestions please don’t hesitate to email, tweet or pop them on our Facebook page.

Doyle’s Diary

After a sneaky late holiday at the start of our ‘Juicy Loser Challenge’ Doyle has had some making up to do. Credit where credit is due, he has hit the ground running and juiced like never before. Before taking a look at how Doyle and the other members of Dial2Donate’s juicers have done over the past 7 days, we thought that we’d delve a little deeper into Doyle’s experience.

Q. So, Doyle, what’s been the hardest part of the challenge so far?
A. The first few days have been pretty difficult, especially as my body went through its initial detox. Thankfully the headaches and moodiness have gradually worn off and I’m slowly feeling more energetic.

Q. Have your craving for treats stopped?
A. NO, I want EVERYTHING! When you can’t have something you crave it even more but after this week’s weight loss I know that resisting temptation is going to be worth every pound.

Q. How have your weekends been?
A. Not too bad actually, I’ve managed to be self-disciplined – which has been tricky but achievable. I did have a Sunday roast, which was amazing (I can’t lie).

OrangesQ. Have you got any top tips for creating the perfect juice?
A. Add orange to absolutely everything – it’s full of vitamins and disguises most other flavours.



As you’re about to discover Doyle is this week’s winning loser here at Dial2Donate. Well done & keep up the good work!

The BIG weigh in

Remember 1lb off = £1 donated / 1lb on = £2 donated 

Doyle = 8lb loss (£8 donation)

Darren = 2lb gain (£4 to donation)

Dave = 2lb gain (£4 donation)

Lynn = 2lb loss (£2 donation)

Georgia = remained the same 

Total team loss  10lb

Total  team gain  4lb

Total weekly donation = £14.00    Running Total = £43.00

Why are we juicing for MASH?

MASH logoDial2Donate is delighted to be mashing the fruit and veggies for the  Manchester charity MASH. As you may be aware, Dial2Donate has formed an ongoing friendship with MASH and if we can do anything to help their wonderful work we will do.

MASH provides free and confidential support for women who sex work in the Greater Manchester area. Last year alone, MASH supported an incredible 900 women. Support at the MASH centre ranges from physical, sexual and mental health services to practical help and therapeutic options. Access to these invaluable resources means the charity’s service users can boost self-confidence and skills.

MASH  is a registered charity and so relies heavily on regular donations. If you would like to donate to MASH directly please use the link below.



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