Dial2Donate take the 30-day juice challenge

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We’re mashing for MASH

MASH logoOn the 21st September 2015 Dial2Donate started juicing, juicing, juicing, replacing many of their solid meals with you’ve guessed it juice. For 30 days the D2D will be consuming the delights of a varied menu rich in fruit and vegetable juices.
Why? Well there are two reasons for saying ‘no’ to chewable food and ‘yes’ to that of the fluid variety.

Stay with me and it will all become much clearer.

1. Giving pounds

The ethos here has always been to help and support local, national and international charities in whatever way we can. The great thing is we like to donate as and when we can too, and the 30-day juice challenge is going to allows us to do exactly that.

So, here’s how it works…

For every pound in weight each of the Dial2Donate juicy losers drop, we will donate £1 to our designated charity ‘MASH’. But that’s not all, should any of us put on weight, we will donate £2 per pound put on.

Solid food – we are being sensible about this. Daily tasks can take it out of you, so we’re opting for at least one low fat healthy meal per day. Apart from that it’s juice all the way.

2. Healthy bodies, healthy minds

Quick snacks, tempting treats and processed meals may be convenient and tasty but as we know they aren’t so great for the waistline or the old ticker. Here at Dial2Donate we have decided to get a whole lot healthier. From now on it’s a case of healthy bodies, healthy minds.

Weigh DayMonday is weigh-in day – time to see who has been sticking to the rules.

Fruity fellows – a who’s who of our juicy losers

IMG 0872Darren – Company Director

Starting weight: 15st 9lbs
End of week one weigh in: 15st 3 (6lb loss)
Is looking forward to…’losing weight and feeling great’
Thinks that his biggest challenge will be… ‘cutting down on alcohol’

IMG 0824Dave – Account Manager

Starting weight: 14st 1lb
End of week one weigh in: 13st 13lbs (1lb loss)
Is looking forward to… ‘the challenge itself and ultimately feeling more energetic.’
Thinks that his biggest challenge will be… ‘ feeling hungry, although he hopes opting for recipes with at least ½ cabbage in them will help’.

IMG 0823
Doyle – Account Manager

Starting weight: 18st 6lbs
End of week one weigh in: 18st 6lbs (stayed the same)
Is looking forward to… ‘feeling better and losing weight’.
Thinks that his biggest challenge will be… ‘not drinking alcohol. Doyle will not be allowing a drop of it to pass his lips during the challenge.’

IMG 1053Simone – Account Manager

Starting weight: 12st 7lbs
End of week one weigh in: 12st 2.5lb (4 ½lb loss)
Is looking forward to… ‘looking forward to feeling healthier’
Thinks that her biggest challenge will be… ‘avoiding the temptation to snack in the office’

IMG 0822Lynn – Copywriter & Charity Liaison

Starting weight: 12st on the nose
End of week one weigh in: 11st 10lbs (4lb loss)
Is looking forward to… ‘trying some tasty fruit and veg recipes’
Thinks that her biggest challenge will be… ‘resisting tempting treats, especially crisps’

Weekly Summary

Slimmer of the week: Darren Hughes with a huge 6lb loss

Strangest conversation of the week: How much is the average price of a white cabbage? Answers ranged from 45p up to £1.50.

Worst juice of the week: Tomato, carrot and celery. The key is never add too much celery.

Best juice of the week: Mango, orange and lime – juicing bliss!

Find out how we’re doing

We will be keeping you posted with the Dial2Donate team’s progress – bringing you news of our favourite juices, our juicing mishaps, cravings and of course our weekly weigh-in results.


If you are considering taking on a juice diet or similar program it is important to consult your doctor beforehand.

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