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Need to call the XBOX contact number? Phone now and speak to a member of XBOX customer services on 0843 504 8275 and get the support you need.

The Xbox is a video gaming console that can also be used as an entertainment system, such as playing movies in a DVD format, or being used to browse the Internet. It’s access to the Internet allows the user to play video games live online, against other players internationally. Xbox is owned by Microsoft and was released back in 2001. Since its original release date, there have been a total of 3 Xbox consoles, the newest being named “Xbox One”, which was released in 2013. Microsoft’s Xbox has come up against Sony’s PlayStation as a main rival for most of it’s lifetime, with it’s newest rival being the PlayStation 4. The customer support team for Xbox can be reached via the Internet on live chat, alternatively they can be reached on the Xbox contact number, which is 0800 587 1102.

Call Xbox if you have questions or need gaming support

The staff behind Xbox offer a wide range of advice on various subjects. Whether you’re having trouble with the console itself, the games aren’t up to scratch or if you have a billing issue, they’re happy to assist and can be contacted by either requesting a call from support or by calling them directly via the Xbox contact number on 0800 587 1102.

If you’re suddenly finding you can’t hear your friends when playing on Xbox live, likewise if your friends can’t hear you, the Xbox support team can try to help you. This could be an issue with the headset, but it’s best to contact the team to attempt to fix any potential problem before purchasing a new one. If you’re trying to purchase a game and receiving an error message or a code, you can call the team on the Xbox contact number and they’ll inform you what the message means and how to rectify the problem.

Not only can the support team give troubleshooting assistance, but they can also help with the initial set up of the console you’ve purchased. They can also assist you to manage your Xbox account, whether it’s an issue with your gamertag and profile or your password and general security.

Get more information about your warranty coverage when you call Xbox

Should you be wondering about what is and isn’t covered under warranty, or in fact how to ensure your new Xbox console is protected by warranty, you can call the support team on the Xbox contact number. You can also ask about any accessory you may want to add to your warranty, such as the Kinect Sensor. One thing the warranty doesn’t cover, is cosmetic damage such as scratches or general wear and tear.

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