Virgin Media Contact Number

Virgin Media Contact Number
Contact details for Virgin Media customer service
Looking for the phone number for the Virgin Media customer service team & other departments such as Virgin Media complaints? The Dial2Donate Virgin Media number will connect you directly to the customer service department.

Virgin Media phone number

1 pence per minute of your call will be donated to a local charity at no extra cost to you, simply by using this Dial2Donate number. Calls will cost 5 pence per minute from a BT landline, but may vary depending on your service provider.

Competing at the top end of the market alongside the likes of Sky and TalkTalk for your custom, Virgin Media are one of the countries top premium subscription services. Becoming the first true ‘quadruple play’ service provider, Virgin can supply not just premium rate subscription television, but also fixed-line telephone services, broadband – including fibre services – and also mobile phone subscriptions. Virgin Media contact numberHaving adopted the brand made famous by Richard Branson, Virgin wanted to provide something different for their customers as opposed to Sky’s satellite service. Instead of using satellite dishes to broadcast their TV signal, Virgin use underground cable, allowing huge coverage throughout the country. However, they do not have 100% coverage as some towns and areas still report that they do not have cable available. Still Virgin enjoy a large amount of market domination in an incredibly competitive medium. If you require to contact Virgin Media regarding existing Virgin Media products, or you wish to talk about a new subscription, then use our Dial2Donate number. When you call not only will your query by answered but also you’ll be able to donate to one of our chosen charities.Virgin Media contact number

Why should I call Virgin Media?

The majority of customers contact Virgin Media in order to discuss an existing issue that they have with one of the companies products. In this instance, you can use the Dial2Donate number for Virgin Media to call the customer service team in order to diagnose and repair your problem. Below is a list of common reasons as to why you would contact the customer service team at Virgin Media.

I'm having trouble with reception on my Virgin Media services

This is the most common problem that Virgin Media customers report. Having given customers access to their quadruple play services, there is a high chance that they will run into problems. The majority of problems that are reported relate to television reception. With Virgin’s cable service reception problems can be difficult to diagnose and difficult to instantly repair. Generally it is the hardware in your house, the TiVo box that is the big problem, however there could be a potential that the issue is more deep rooted. In order to discuss a problem with your television products from Virgin Media, telephone their customer services team using the Dial2Donate number on this page.

I'm having issues using my Virgin broadband

One of the most common problems reported to the customer service team at Virgin Media. With our ever more increasing need to use broadband and Internet services through the UK, issues with your service can cause a heavy impact on your day. If you are suffering from a service outage, then it is advised that you first of all check with Virgin Media to see if there is a problem in your area – which can be the most common reason for a problem with your broadband. It is entirely possible that you will be experiencing an issue with your broadband hardware too. Any issue with your service can be dealt with and diagnosed over the telephone by calling the customer service team at Virgin Media using the Dial2Donate contact number here.

I wish to cancel my service with Virgin Media

No company wants to lose your custom and Virgin Media are exactly the same. If you feel strongly about the level of service that you’ve been receiving and are looking to change providers for your television, broadband or phone services then you can contact Virgin Media to discuss your package. As with any customer service department, the team will look to retain you in the service and may even be able to present a special offer to you.  If you are not happy with the level of service that you are receiving or you simply want to change, (contract situation dependant) then call the customer service team on the Dial2Donate number listen on this page.

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