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Vanquis Contact Number
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Looking for the phone number for the Vanquis Customer services team & other departments such as complaints? The Dial2Donate Vanquis Contact Number will connect you directly to Vanquis Customer Services department.
0843 504 0386

"A large percentage of the call cost will be donated to a local appeal"

Vanquis customer service number

As they offer financial services for people who struggle with traditional institutions due to their credit history, the Vanquis contact number is in constant demand from people who need to get in touch with them. The financial crisis of a few years ago hit huge swathes of the population incredibly hard, and the repercussions of this are still being felt now. Vanquis has provided a valuable route back into lending for a lot of people who were unexpectedly unable to pay bills.

Brands as Vanquis Bank, the company is run by the Provident group. As they deal with people who the likes of Barclaycard, TSB and Mastercard deem to be undesirable, their customer service team are finely attuned to managing the unique needs of every individual getting in touch with them. Vanquis founded its helpline with the consumer in mind, with each call being connected directly through to a member of their team who will be able to help the person dialling in their unique situation.

Although known as a bank, Vanquis mainly handle credit cards and loans. Many people take out these products purely with the motive of improving their credit history. To this end, the Vanquis customer service number team are trained in giving advice on how individuals can improve their credit score by using the company’s services.

Like the majority of their competitors, Vanquis customer support is slowly migrating towards being done through their website. The handy nature of online support makes it perfect in certain situations. However, experts have noted that walk-throughs, FAQ guides and contact us forms do not offer the same level of assistance that the staff who man the Vanquis phone number would be able to provide. Thus, you are advised to call the Vanquis contact number if possible when you do have a problem, query or complaint.

Common reasons why people call the Vanquis contact number

I'm having problems with repaying my Vanquis credit card - can the contact number team help?

As their business was set up specifically to deal with people who have a partial or uneven credit history, Vanquis understand fully the circumstances that can lead to a person being unable to pay their bill. The Vanquis Bank contact number team’s billing and payments division deal with hundreds of calls a month from people who are having difficulty in paying off their debts.

If you are worried that you can’t meet the terms of your repayment agreement, the Vanquis customer service staff should be able to come to some arrangement. However, it is worth noting that this may not be able to improve your credit score in the way previously promised – but should mean that you do not sink into further financial difficulties.

One of the trade-offs of using a Vanquis credit card is that they do have quite steep interest rates, due to the increased risk of providing cards to people who have previously had issues with repayments. One option is to spread out the repayments for any credit card or loan debt over a longer period. However, it is worth noting that this will lead to the total amount to be paid being increased in total, so it is always advisable to try and make your previously arranged repayment schedule.

Can I take out a Vanquis credit card through their customer service number?

Although their products can be taken out via the Vanquis website, the complex nature of lending agreements and personal finance mean that this can be prohibitive to many people. Experts understand the implications of certain interest rates and the consequences it may have on your credit rating.

If you are thinking of taking out any kind of product with Vanquis, one of their contact agents will be able to walk you through each and every implication of your sign up. They will also be able to offer tailored advice to your unique circumstance over the telephone, meaning that you are clear on exactly how this will affect your personal finances and lending situation in the future.

You can purchase all of their services through the Vanquis contact number sales team. Please be aware that most call centre sales staff are incentive-driven to sign up new custom, and it may be worth attempting to negotiate with the customer service agent that you speak with.

How can I make a complaint about Vanquis?

As they operate in a particularly tricky part of the financial industry, Vanquis are believed to receive a relatively high amount of complaints about their service. Whether this is true or not is impossible to tell because all statistics are fiercely guarded by companies – but there are various ways in which you can log an issue with the company.

Although most businesses will attempt to push anyone with a pressing matter towards using their online portals, this is usually an unsatisfactory way of resolving the matter. By calling the Vanquis phone number, you will be able to have a member of their helpline support staff take immediate steps towards resolving the matter.

If the employee you chat to is unable to give you the resolution you desired, they should be able to provide further information on what other steps could be taken to make amends. However, if you feel that the Vanquis contact number is unable to handle sufficiently your issue, there is the option of passing the matter on to an independent review body such as an ombudsman – the call centre staff are legally obliged to inform you how you can do this.

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Phone: 0843 504 0386
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Monday to Friday 08:00am - 20:00pm
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