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Booking your theory test is the first big step to take ahead of completing your driver training. The Driving Theory Test was introduced in 1996 to add further to the safety of new drivers on the road. Evolution has led to the move away from a standardised pencil and paper multiple choice test to a computerised version; this occurred in 2000. Such a test is available at any point during your driving education.

Initially introduced as a traditional exam style test, set in the same conditions as a school or college exam. Originally using a pencil and paper format, candidates sat the multiple choice test with an hour time limit and then had to wait a week for the result to be mailed back to them. If more than a certain number of questions are incorrect, then you have to sit the test again. Originally the test carried a cost of £15 per test, yet that has increased to £25 over the years. In order to book a test, it is highly advised that you contact the driving theory test team who will be able to assist you in making that booking.

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Information on your test

As noted, the driving theory test has evolved over the years. In 2000, the test moved from paper to a computerised test that still retained the multiple choice format. However instead of now having to wait for your results, you can receive them instantaneously. Not only is there a standard multiple choice section to the test, but a further hazard perception element has now evident. So, future drivers now have the opportunity to view 14 films and assess danger in them in a timely fashion. The score from these adds to the overall total. You are allowed to make mistakes during the test, but will only be allowed a certain number before failing. If you fail your test, you will be expected to wait a period of three days before taking the test again.

Booking your driving theory test

Booking your driving theory test is a simple procedure. You will first of all need to have your provisional driving licence to hand as you will need your unique driver number in order to make the booking. If you have not yet applied for your provisional licence, now is the time. As of the end of October 2014, the cost of the provisional licence has reduced as the steps to make learning to drive cheaper continue. In order to book your driving theory test, it is advised that you make the call using the phone number on this page. There are many other third party – and unofficial – companies who will book the theory test on your behalf. The government suggest that you should only use the official channels in order to do this as the third party companies may charge more. The Dial2Donate telephone number for booking your driving theory test will connect you to an official source to make the booking.


What is the cost of booking a driving theory test

Booking your driving theory test is simple but there are a number of different associated costs depending on what type of test you need to take. Different costs can apply for say, a bus theory test or one for a tractor driver – but the majority of customers want to book a normal car theory test for standard driving. The costs of which are below:

Test type Weekdays Evenings (4:30pm
onwards), weekends and
bank holidays
Theory test £25 £25
Abridged theory test £19 £19
Practical test £62 £75

If you fail the test, you will have to wait three days before reapplying and pay the full amount again, and each subsequent time you take the test. Contact the customer service team by phoning the driving theory test contact number for more details and to make your booking.


Other ways of contacting the driving theory test team

The most direct way of booking your theory test is to use the telephone number listed on this page which will connect you to their team, although you can visit your local centre and find out more by searching for them on this link.

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