Student Finance Contact Number

Student Finance Contact Number
Contact information for all Student Finance customer enquiries
Looking for the phone number for the Student Finance Customer services team & other departments such as complaints? The Dial2Donate Student Finance Contact Number will connect you directly to Student Finance Customer Services department.
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Student Finance helpline number

Responsible for the finances of hundreds of thousands of students each year, there are always going to be a huge volume of people who need to call the Student Finance contact number. Many believe that it is one of the most phoned helplines of any organisation linked to the education industry. Its popularity relates to how vital it is to the financial well-being of academics across the country. Split into different regional departments – Student Finance England, Student Finance Wales and Student Finance Scotland – each of their divisions can be reached through their central customer service number.

Much of the administration of students loans still gets completed through manual paperwork. The Student Finance Company have managed to go against wider trends in the UK, where the majority of businesses are swiftly moving towards providing their functions online. Whereas there is some customer support offered through their official website, there is a huge reliance on physical forms. This reliance is heavily tied in with the fact that much of the application process is dependent on universities approving and verifying the information submitted – which means that most of the procedure cannot be automated.

For the vast majority of people who use the Student Finance Company or any of their regional branches for a loan, there are very few problems or reasons to call their helpline. However, given the amount of payments that they process throughout the year, there are always going to be people who are unfortunate enough to experience difficulties. These difficulties are one of the main things that instigates a call to the Student Finance phone number. Thankfully, their UK based call centres have numerous years experience in sorting through the myriad problems that loanees come across, and should be able to provide assistance regardless of your circumstance.

While much of the education system in Britain is privatised to some extent, the student loans system is one that has stayed incredibly centralised. If you are receiving funds in order to go to a UK university, it is almost certain that your finances will be coming through the Student Finance Company. This monopoly means that all queries and questions can only go direct to the Student Finance contact number.

Common reasons why people call the Student Finance contact number

I need to apply for a Student Loan - can their helpline assist with this?

The main point of contact that people have with the Student Loans Company is the application process itself. As much as the process of getting into a British university has evolved over the years, getting a student loan has stayed relatively static over the past few decades – which can lead to problems in itself.

If you are attempting to apply for funds for your education, the Student Finance contact number should be able to offer advice on the best way to go about it. They should also be able to give assistance to what levels of financial support you are entitled to – however, for this you will need to supply information about your parents earnings and other circumstantial evidence.

Although the application process necessarily needs to be largely be done either in conjunction with UCAS or with the university that you are going to attend, their team will be able to help with this considerably. The Student Finance helpline number should also be able to provide information around what kind of bursary payments you may be entitled to also.

My student loan hasn't arrived - what do I do?

Arguably the main reason for people calling the Student Finance contact number is academics who haven’t received their student loan when they expected to. Responsible for the transfer of millions of pounds per year for thousands of recipients, there are always going to be instances where someone falls through the cracks.

The Student Finance helpline number has a division devoted especially to this – but around the time that payments are due, you may need to queue to get through to this team. The contact agent will walk through all of the options available to you upon connecting, as well as being able to give advice over when exactly you can expect your loans to arrive.

If you feel that you have been let down by the Student Loans Company, are at a financial loss or your academic performance has suffered as a result of their actions, you may be entitled to complain. While most universities do have hardship funds specifically for when the Student Finance team fail to do their job as expected, these are usually minuscule compared to the amount of money needed. You can log all complaints through the Student Finance helpline number and you may be required to send in further documentation to support your claims.

How do I sort out my student loan repayments?

One of the main advantages of the UK student loan system is that payments are automatically taken from your pay once you are in employment. This amount is agreed on at government level and should have been outline in the terms and conditions of your agreement when you signed up for the funding. Once you hit certain earning thresholds, that stated percentage should then be deducted from your pay at the end of each month.

If you feel that you are under or over paying on your student loan, it is always worth giving the Student Fiance helpline number a call so that they can attempt to sort things out immediately. If you are underpaying, this can lead to complications further down the road – when extra payments may get deducted from your earnings in order to make up the shortfall. The Student Finance team should be able to advise on if you are on the correct payment level and adjust it if necessary.

If you are freelance or self-employed, this process may be somewhat more complicated. In this situation, the Student Finance contact number team can advise on how you can go about properly making repayments so that you are not breaking the law. They can also arrange for you to make additional payments on your student loan if you wish – although this is far from common.

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