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Looking for the phone number for the Sky Customer services team & other departments such as complaints? The Dial2Donate Sky Contact Number will connect you directly to Sky Customer Services department.
0843 504 0328

"A large percentage of the call cost will be donated to a local appeal"

Sky Customer Services

As one of the most established and highly respected premium broadcasters in the country, Sky dominates the marketplace, competing alongside their rivals Virgin Media and TalkTalk. The company has a subscriber base of over 10 million homes, which they provide with an array of premium subscription television. Securing Barclays Premier League football along with exclusives across a vast array of other sports has put Sky at the forefront of customers minds when it comes to choosing a subscription television provider.

Along with first choice movies and sports, Sky have expanded their service provisions over the years now offering customers the opportunity to purchase not just television but also telephone and broadband services. Having purchased O2’s broadband provision in 2013, Sky have expanded their telecommunications services to customers along with traditional broadband and fibre services. Despite the fine array of services on offer from Sky, customers do still find a variety of reasons to contact Sky in regards to their services. If you need to speak to the customer service team, then it is advised that you call the contact number on this page and while doing so make a donation to a Dial2Donate charity.

Common Sky related FAQ’s

I want to talk about upgrading or downgrading my Sky TV Package

One of the most common reasons for customers to contact Sky is in order to discuss their subscription package. The spiralling costs of the various packages has led to a number of customers struggling with payments each month and having to remove some of their channels in order to make a more affordable payment. Customers who want to enhance their subscription may also need to make the call. By dialling our Sky Customer Service contact number, you will be able to discuss your needs with one of their dedicated agents who will advise you on the best package for the money you wish to spend. You may even get a bargain if you find a deal on the phone. By calling our number not only could you save money, but also donate to a good cause too.

I'm experiencing a problem with my Sky Service

Another common customer complaint stems from technical faults with Sky services. With a large amount of equipment being provided for your Sky products, there is a high chance of potential faults occurring. Now Sky supplies more than just television – supplying broadband and telephone services – there is more of a chance that something could go wrong.

If you are experiencing difficulty with your television reception, then there are a number of fixes that you can perform by going through the guide on your set top box. However, there may be some fixes that require a more thorough explanation,and in this instance you are advised to contact the customer service team immediately.

If you have issues with your broadband service, then the technical team will be able to run through a fix for you. In order to speak to the technical services department, you can call them using the Sky customer service number on this page. A percentage of the call cost will go to charity whilst your problem gets fixed.

Can I arrange a home move over the phone?

When customers move home, it is natural that they will want to take their services with them. Consequently, Sky has a dedicated home move team who will be able to assist you with this. While Sky do suggest that you arrange this home move online, it is advisable that you arrange this move over the phone on the Sky customer service number provided on this page. By doing so, you will get a more accurate depiction of the move and be able to arrange a date more suitable to you.

Call the Sky contact number here and arrange your move now along with donating to a charity with a portion of the call cost.

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Melissa - 2015-07-29 08:48:39

Got straight through and nice to see some of my money will go to a good cause =)

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