Santander Contact Number

Santander Contact Number
Contact information for all Santander customer enquiries
Looking for the phone number for the Santander Customer services team & other departments such as complaints? The Dial2Donate Santander Contact Number will connect you directly to Santander Customer Services department.
0843 504 0399

”A large percentage of the call cost will be donated to a local appeal”

Santander customer service number

Now one of the largest banks in the UK, it is no surprise that the Santander contact number has to deal with thousands of calls each and every day from their customers. Being vital to the financial well-being of millions of customers across Britain, the organisation offers a full range of products aimed at every aspect of the market.

The majority of calls made to the Santander customer service number are believed to get related to savings and current accounts held with the company. These calls are because this is reportedly the main way through which people interact with the company.

However, the Santander contact number also has dedicated teams for each of its other departments – with insurance, business and mortgages being some of their most popular products alongside personal loans and credit cards. With each section of the call centre being specially trained in their unique department, their staff can quickly and effectively deal with almost any enquiry, no matter how specific.

Like TSB, Barclays and Halifax – as well as almost every other major financial institution in Britain – Santander have been quick to try and move the majority of their customer service and support over to their website. This situation is largely a cost-cutting exercise, with the business hoping that they will eventually be able to employ fewer contact agents as customer deal with their issues themselves.

Critics have pointed out that e-mail correspondence, FAQ guides and live chat lack the same immediacy that phone-based customer service offers. This opinion seems to be backed up by feedback from clients on social media. Many people point out that the Santander helpline has been able to provide a solution where the website was unable to provide accurate assistance.

Thankfully, despite this move away from telephone support, Santander have maintained an extensive amount of UK based call centres to deal with the enquiries of anyone ringing with a problem. According to independent polls and consumer review websites, Santander customer service is among the best in the banking industry.

Common reasons why people ring the Santander contact number

How can I make a complaint about Santander?

Like most other major banks, Santander seems to prefer that their customers log complaints using online forms rather than calling their customer service team. The reasons behind this move towards online support seems to be more to do with the organisation hoping that the customer forgets about their problem. The ideal situation is the customer sorts the matter out themselves by the time that a member of their support staff responds.

If your problem requires immediate assistance, the only way to get the assistance that may resolve the matter quickly remains phoning the central Santander contact number. From there, a member of their support team may be able provide a resolution that suits all parties.

In a case where the Santander phone number staff are unable to provide a solution that satisfies you, there is the option of escalating the matter to an independent body. The support staff at Santander are legally obliged to provide customers with all the necessary information for referring their matter to the relevant industry ombudsman, who will rule on the issue.

I would like to take out a new service with Santander - can their contact number help?

Although the majority of what their support staff do relates to the administration of existing accounts, the Santander contact number is also one of the main ways in which their clients take out new products with the bank. With a dedicated sales team for each aspect of the organisation’s services, there are thousands of callers each day who dial exactly for this reason.

If you are a pre-existing Santander customer, their contact agents will be able to look at your history with the bank and inform you as to what are the best offers for you in your unique circumstance. However, it has been known for new customers to get preferential rates for certain things – with credit cards being one of the main examples of this.

I would like to leave Santander - how do I do this?

Banks such as Santander obviously do not like losing custom. It is to this end that they attempt to make the process as difficult as they possibly can. They do this in the hope that anyone who is thinking of transferring their money or product elsewhere will simply stay with the organisation in order to keep things simple.

However, if you do wish to leave Santander, you should be able to do so over the phone. As long as it is within the terms and conditions of the service that you have signed up for their call centre agents should be able to deal with the entire procedure. In the case of a mortgages, loan or credit card, you have either paid off the sum or have another bank willing to pay off the balance.

It may be the case that for credit cards, current accounts and savings accounts, their support staff may try and entice you to stay with certain offers. If you have a Santander business account, it is likely that you will be asked to come into a local branch in order to finalise the proceedings. However, this meeting can be organised through the Santander contact number.

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