Royal Mail Contact Number

Royal Mail Contact Number
Contact information for all Royal Mail customer enquiries.
Looking for the phone number for the Royal Mail Customer services team & other departments such as complaints? The Dial2Donate Royal Mails Contact Number will connect you directly to Royal Mail Customer Services department.
0843 504 0398

”A large percentage of the call cost will be donated to a local appeal”

Royal Mail customer service number

Being the main way that people and businesses send mail in the country, the fact that the Royal Mail contact number receives such a high volume of calls can be of no little surprise. Despite a rise in competition from the likes of UK Mail and UPS, the Royal Mail customer service helpline still has to deal with vast amount of people calling them. Thankfully, being one of the oldest and biggest organisations in Britain, their call centres are more than adequately equipped to deal with these matters.

One of the main things that people come across when dealing with Royal Mail is that the local branches don’t have the power to deal with the larger issues that people come across. Anything such as a complaint against an employee or a lost package needs to be dealt with centrally – and this is where the Royal Mail phone number is so important. Their main bank of contact agents can easily assist in a way that local branch employees are simply unable to.

Like most companies, Royal Mail have attempted to diversify the ways in which people can log an issue with them recently. Now the organisation actively encourage individuals and businesses to get in touch through social media and the official website. This increased accessibility is great for a number of reasons, and any move that allows more people to get in contact with their support staff is to be encouraged. However, most experts seem to agree that the quickest and easiest way to have a problem resolved is still calling the Royal Mail customer service number. Calling allows one of their staff to assist with whatever issue you’re experiencing.

Although the organisation originally only dealt with the sending of mail across the UK, they have consistently diversified across the course of their history. As well as having their credit card and banking services, they have also increased the ways in which people can send mail. Today, you can send mail via express, next day and special delivery services – Royal Mail’s way of matching the various courier services that have cropped up over recent years. The Royal Mail contact number team can deal with each of these matters.

Common reasons why people call the Royal Mail contact number

My letter/parcel has been lost or damaged - what can I do?

As they have to manage tens of millions of letters, parcels and packages every year, there are always going to be times in which the Royal Mail infrastructure either damages or loses some of its cargo. As great as their current infrastructure is, there will always be a risk of something going missing – and in these cases, the Royal Mail customer service team should be able to attempt to make amends.

You can track your packages online if you have used recorded delivery or any of their express options, but this system doesn’t properly allow for the reporting of any problems. The Royal Mail phone number does allow for reporting of this, and their support staff should also be able to inform you of what kind of steps you should take next.

In most cases, the Royal Mail customer service staff will arrange for financial compensation. This payment normally be made by cheque, but is usually dependent on the package being subject to one of their recorded methods.

I need to make a complaint about Royal Mail or a Royal Mail employee

There are always going to be times when Royal Mail or one of their employees fails to live up to the high standards expected of them. Sadly, this happens more regularly than one might expect.

Even though the vast majority of people use Royal Mail do so with no hassle – which is why the company has such high consumer satisfaction ratings. However, the Royal Mail customer service number does have a specialist department aimed at dealing with complaints and other problematic matters.

This division of the call centre will be able to advise on what steps you should take, and how this will affect you. There may be compensation, or simply an apology. If you feel that your problem isn’t being taken seriously enough, you can request that the issue be escalated to the industry ombudsman. The Royal Mail contact number team are legally obliged to tell you how you can do this.

I'm moving home and need to set up a redirection service - can the Royal Mail customer service team help?

One of the main hassles when moving home is the issue of dealing with what is going to happen to all the post going to your old address. Although each of the companies that send you mail can be individually contacted and informed of your new house address, there is always likely to be something that slips your mind.

The Royal Mail redirection service will automatically divert all of your incoming mail to your old address top your new location (as long as the package has a label addressed to you). You can arrange this for a small fee, and the Royal Mail contact number team will be able to set the service up for you over the phone. The team member can also inform you of all the terms and conditions.

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