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Pounds to pocket contact number
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Looking for the phone number for the Pounds to Pocket customer services team & other departments such as complaints? The Dial2Donate Pounds to Pocket contact number will connect you directly to the pounds to Pocket customer services department.

Pounds to Pocket phone number

1 pence per minute of your call will be donated to a local charity at no extra cost to you, simply by using this Dial2Donate number. Calls will cost 5 pence per minute from a BT landline, but may vary depending on your service provider.

Pounds to Pocket customer service number

With a boom in payday loans currently sweeping Britain, the Pounds to Pocket contact number is under increasing demand from people who need to get short-term financing in order to try and make ends meet. Although many people have noted that these companies amount to little more than being legal loan sharks, there can be little argument against there being a need for their services during a time of extensive financial hardship. One of the main players in the market, the Pounds to pockets customer service number is one of the first places people go to when they need to solve a monetary issue.

Although not quite as popular as industry leaders Wonga, the business do incredibly well for themselves and are way ahead of their rivals Amigo Loans, Sunny and Satsuma Loans. The Pounds to Pocket phone number is now the helpline for perhaps the second largest payday loans company in the country. Their British-based call centres have been facing constant expansion over the last few years thanks to the boom in demand for their services. Despite the difficult conversations that they are forced to have with many of their clients, the Pounds to Pocket customer service helpline still retain incredibly high satisfaction ratings.

Why do most people contact Pounds Pocket?

Obviously, given the fact that many of the people calling the Pounds to Pocket phone number at all is due to economic hardship, most of the conversations through the helpline can be difficult. It is believed that most people call their customer support number in order to try and take out a loan. They also ring to re-arrange existing payments or to try and renegotiate the terms of their deal due to being unable to meet outstanding payments. However, there are also people (judging by social media) who are dialling to ask general enquiries, make a complaint or to try and pay their loan off ahead of schedule. However, the Pounds to Pocket customer service number can deal with almost any matter.

One of the major trends in consumer support over recent years has been the move towards putting things online, therefore taking the stress away from customer service numbers. The Pounds to Pocket phone number is still the main way through which people get in touch with the company’s support staff. This is aided by online support platforms that provide automated responses – in fact, this is how the majority of loan applications are received. As well as e-mail support, the business also provide some FAQs. Most experts agree that for any truly pressing matter, the only real cause of action is to call the Pounds to Pocket contact number and have a member of their call centre staff offer assistance immediately.

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