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Looking for the phone number for the customer services team & other departments such as complaints? The Dial2Donate contact number will connect you directly to customer services department.
Dial2Donate 0843 504 0418

A large percentage of the call costs will be donated to charity at no extra cost to yourself. customer service number

Although they are now technically owned by Rakuten, there are still a high volume of people looking for the contact number. The Play brand has now technically been subsumed by their parent company. It still seems to be the brand that is most prominent in the minds of the general public. That is why people still need to get in contact with the Play phone number when they have an issue with the business.

For a while, was one of the largest online retailers of its kind – selling CDs, DVD and computer games at prices that vastly undercut their high street rivals such as HMV and GAME. However, the rise of Amazon has reportedly seen their market share drop – but the business still retain a large consumer base who get dedicated to purchasing through the organisation. However, though most transactions get completed seamlessly, there are always going to be times at which something unexpected happens – and in these cases it is recommended that the consumer calls the customer service number.

Speak with a representative directly when you call

Still being a relatively large company, the reasons for people calling the Ratuken and Play contact number are extremely varied. Most commonly for businesses in their industry, people call the customer service helpline in order to log a complaint about the business. Whether this is due to a faulty product or in order to get a refund for something they have purchased. Returns are also believed to be a main cause of people dialling the phone number, with general enquiries always being something that prompts people calling.

Like most online businesses, have attempted to make the majority of their customer service and consumer support web-based. The system was created through the implementation of live chat systems, FAQs and e-mail correspondence. However, most experts seem to agree that this is a scant replacement for speaking directly to a member of’s UK based call centre teams. By calling the company directly, you can have their staff immediately intervene on a matter and offer a resolution – perhaps the main advantage of phoning the contact number.

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