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Need to call the Pensions Service contact number? Dial 0843 504 8252 now and speak to a member of the Pensions Service helpline team now.
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When people reach the state retirement age, they will want to get in touch with the UK’s Pensions Service to claim their state pension. They can do this online although, a number will choose instead to make their claim by telephone by phoning the Pensions Service contact number.

Calling the Pensions Service contact number

The Pensions Service is part of the UK Department of Work and Pensions. It provides a service for people who live either in the UK or abroad who are either approaching or have reached the state retirement age. As well as dealing with the provision of the state pension it also deals with claims for Pension Credit, Winter Fuel Payments and Cold Weather Payments. It does this using a mixture of local and central Pension Centres. Those that are based centrally deal with the following:

Future Pension Centre – provides people who are nearing the state retirement age with an estimate of what their state pension will be.
National Pension Centre – once a person is receiving their pension, this centre deals with any changes in circumstances that people may have. It also handles any enquiries about pensions paid into bank accounts.
Pension Tracing Service – if someone has worked for a number of employers he or she may have joined more than one employer pension scheme. They can help people track down any old pensions or pension schemes they might be entitled too.
International Pension Centre – for those who live abroad, it handles any questions people might have about their state pension.

Ringing the Pensions Service Call Connection Phone Number

Located in a number of places around the country are the local Pension Centres. They deal with any issues that might arise which are better dealt with closer to where people live whether that involves the State Pension or other retirement related benefits.

It is possible for people to make their claim online. There may, however, be times when they prefer to speak with someone in the Pensions Service directly. There are two contact numbers available that people can use to do this. The Pensions Service Contact Number (for call connections) they need to use will depend on whether they are looking for help in making a claim or whether they want to tell the Pensions Service about a change in their circumstances. Since people may need to spend some time on the telephone when making a new claim for the state pension, a free 0800 number is available. For those who are just wanting to notify a change in circumstances, an 0345 number is available. People contacting this number pay local call charge rates. Information about which Pensions Service Contact Number (for call connections) to use is available on the GOV.UK website

The main reasons that people call Pensions Service

Between 2014 and 2015 the Pensions Service paid out over £86 billion in State Pension and nearly £8 billion in other pension related benefits. To ensure that current and future pensioners receive the full support they are entitled to it is important that they use the Pensions Service Contact Number (for call connections) that is available.

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