PayPal Contact Number

Paypal Contact Number
Contact information for all PayPal Customer Enquiries.
Looking for the phone number for the PayPal Customer services team & other departments such as complaints? The Dial2Donate PayPal Contact Number will connect you directly to PayPal Customer Services department.
0843 504 0329

"A large percentage of the call cost will be donated to a local appeal"

PayPal customer service number

Many experts have credited the growth of e-commerce to the rise of PayPal as a viable option for making payments online. The company is arguably the main powerhouse of online money transfer, despite starting from relatively humble roots. Having an industry leading position means that there are now thousands of people who need to call the PayPal contact number each and every day.

The reasons for people calling the PayPal phone number are many and varied. Reportedly the main thing that prompts people to dial is some form of complaint. Whether this is an issue with PayPal themselves, with someone who has made a payment or with a retailer who uses the service, the PayPal customer service team should be able to offer assistance and support. These offerings include refunds, advice on legal action or even just information on what steps you need to take to escalate the issue further.

As an increasing number of companies use PayPal as their main source of taking payment, the company’s call centre apparently are dealing with a rise in people phoning about setting up business accounts. Although this process can be tricky, the PayPal phone number has a dedicated team that can talk callers through every aspect of this service. The team can also advise on what further documentation you may need in order to complete the process.

Much like their parent company eBay, PayPal have attempted to move their customer support towards being almost exclusively web-based in recent times. However, despite the fact that live chat and contact us forms often provide some form of assistance, most observers believe that this pales in comparison to the traditional PayPal helpline. While your problem may be resolved using their online platform, in most cases it is still recommended that you call the PayPal contact number, regardless of your issue.

Common reasons why people call the PayPal contact number

How can I dispute Paypal charges and fees?

The main way through which PayPal makes money is through taking a small cut of any payment made with the company. For most people, this is a relatively paltry sum – however, for business account holders and merchants, there can sometimes be complications in calculating the total amount owed.

All information relating fees and charges is available on the PayPal website. However, if you feel that the company has overcharged you or that your billing is incorrect, it is worth calling the PayPal contact number in order to have the matter sorted out. The support team will be able to assess the issue and quickly come to a resolution.

How do I log a complaint with PayPal?

Given the size of the company and the range of different businesses and individuals that they now deal with, there are various ways in which you can make a complaint with PayPal. Like many web-based companies, they do allow for this to be done using their online support portals. However, many users have noted that this process can be long and difficult.

Regardless of whether you are a merchant or simply a user that requires a refund, the PayPal phone number team can offer tailored advice to make sure your issue is resolved. Their customer service agents have far-ranging powers to solve most matters, with strict processes in place to make sure that almost any matter gets resolved quickly and easily.

Can PayPal customer services get me a refund?

One of the most common reasons people call the PayPal phone number is in order to request a refund for a payment made. As monetary transfer are almost the entirety of their business, this can be no surprise. However, there are certain checks and balances that are in place to make sure that any refund made is completed orrectly.

Much like eBay, PayPal may require proof of the circumstances that you find yourself in before they will process a refund. This proof may simply be a case of describing your situation over the phone, e-mailing further documentation (including photos) or sending a formal letter to the PayPal head office address.

These options are also available online, but the process can be lengthy, especially if the person who has hold of your money is uncooperative.

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