Oyster Card Contact Number – 0843 504 8267

Need to call the Oyster Card contact number? Phone now and speak to a member of Oyster Card customer services on 0843 504 8267 and get the support you need.

Oyster Card is a reusable travel smartcard for London which automatically calculates and deducts the correct fare for each journey made. It is valid on bus, tram, Tube, DLR, London Overground, Tfl Rail and most of the National Rail services in London and can be used to store Pay As You Go credit as well as Bus and Tram Passes and Travelcards. Not every travel service or station in London accepts the card, however, and the method of using it varies slightly between different modes of transport. Customers can call the Oyster contact number if they are unsure how to use their card correctly or want to know whether the service they intend to use is covered by it. Phoning the Oyster Card contact number is also a quick way to find out how to obtain a card, whether for long term use or for visiting the city.

Why do most people phone the Oyster Card contact number?

Incorrect use of an Oyster Card can result in paying too much. The card must always be touched on the yellow reader at the start and end of each journey, apart from bus and tram journeys where you only need to touch in. Failing to touch the card in at the start of a journey could result in a penalty fare and/or prosecution. For incomplete journeys, where the card has not been touched out at the end of the journey, a maximum fare may be deducted. If a customer suspects that there is an incomplete journey on their Oyster Card, the Oyster contact number can be called to check the journey history. If the incomplete journey happened because of reasons outside the cardholder’s control, such as a station evacuation or congestion, the Oyster Card contact number can be called to apply for a refund. Refunds may also be given for same station exits – that is, touching an Oyster Card on entering a station and then touching again at the same station to exit within a set amount of time, because of a service disruption, for example. Customers should call the Oyster contact number to find out if they’re eligible for a refund in such cases. Likewise, if there has been a card clash – a result of several cards with a contactless payment function being touched on the yellow reader at the same time – and a wrong card has been charged for the journey as a result, customers are advised to call the Oyster Card contact number as soon as possible.

Call to register your Oyster card today

Registering an Oyster Card is compulsory for customers who wish to add Bus and Tram Passes and Travelcards with a validity exceeding one month to their card. Customers can also sign up for an Oyster online account. Those customers who haven’t used their card in the past 8 weeks and want to sign up for an Oyster Online or wish to add a new card to their account need to call the Oyster Contact number to proceed.

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