Orange Contact Number

Orange Contact Number
Contact information for all Orange customer enquiries
Looking for the phone number for the Orange Customer services team & other departments such as complaints? The Dial2Donate Orange Contact Number will connect you directly to Orange Customer Services department.
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Orange customer service number

Despite the fact that they have recently merged with T-Mobile to create EE, the Orange contact number is still one of the most phoned of any helplines in the UK. At the moment, all of the Orange customer service operations are being rebranded under the EE name, despite the fact that a majority of consumers are still centrally contracted to Orange. One of the most beloved mobile brands in the country, original plans to complete get rid of the Orange name were shelved when customers rebelled against the announced changes. However, anyone signing up to the company now will be doing so as an EE customer – however, the Orange phone number is still the main point of contact for existing consumers. As one of the oldest telecoms helplines in the UK, the Orange contact number is able to deal with almost any issue that is sent their way. this can range from straightforward customer enquiries, through to problems with billing and even complaints. Each section of their call centre is specially trained to deal with one common reason that people dial, as well as being able to answer general queries. Like most of their main competitors – such as Vodafone, O2 and Virgin Mobile – Orange and the wider EE brand have recently expanded their customer support to be much more inclusive of online methods of communication. Through live chat and e-mail, their customer service are able to provide web-based assistance. However, most people feel as though this doesn’t provide the same resolutions as when the company are called directly, which is why phoning the Orange contact number is always recommended in situations that are time sensitive. As a brand, Orange is restricted only to the 2G and 3G networks, with 4G being the home of EE – something that orange customer service agents have been attempting to upsell existing contract holders to for a number for years.¬†Eventually, the Orange name and their phone number will completely cease to exist – but for the meantime, anyone who has a Pay aAs You Go (PAYG) or monthly contract with the company should be able to get assistance by calling the central Orange customer service number.

Common reasons why people call the Orange contact number

How can I cancel my Orange contract?

While the company do offer a lot of support online these days, Orange still prefer that all cancellations pass through their customer service number. As well as allowing the company to assess the reasons behind each user’s decision to leave the business, it also provides and opportunity for them to offer discounts that may keep contract holders with Orange. Thankfully, the Orange contact number has a department that specifically deals with cancellation requests. Anyone ringing for this will speak to the so-called retentions team. This department will listen to the reasons behind why you would like to leave, and potentially offer discounts or offers (which may include upgrades) based on your circumstance. Any cancellation done through the Orange mobile contact number should then be followed up by a confirmation letter in the post.

Does the Orange phone number deal with phone upgrades?

It is important to note that any upgrade is subject to the stage you are at in your contract, and may also be reliant upon your own negotiations with the Orange customer service agent that you are connected to. Each member of the Orange upgrades team has certain limitations on what they can offer each person who calls, and are allowed to subjectively assess whether the person dialling is applicable for an upgrade. Although the Orange and EE websites are able to issue upgrades, there is much less room for negotiation using this method. Whether you are certain of the phone you want to upgrade to or would simply like to know what options may be available to you, it is advised that you call the Orange phone number.

How can I top-up my Orange Pas As You Go (PAYG) phone?

As top-up cards have slowly been withdrawn from circulation, the main way to top-up you Orange Pay As You Go (PAYG) phone is by calling the Orange phone number, selecting the relevant option, choosing the amount that you would like to top-up by and opting for a supported payment method. This service is automated, and any top-up done through the Orange contact number should immediately be credited to your account.

How can I have an Orange complaint dealt with?

Orange and the wider EE brand have recently started to encourage people to use their online support portals if they would like to make a complaint. However, the impression given through consumers on social media is that for any complaint that is urgent – or any that involves a dispute over billing and payment – should be directed to the Orange customer service number instead. By calling the company’s call centre directly, you will be given clear and concise information over what the next steps are for your complaint, and how it may be resolved. In fact, the Orange contact number has a department dedicated exclusively to dealing with these matters.

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