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Need to call the Octagon Insurance contact number? Phone now and speak to Octagon Insurance customer services on 0843 504 8265 and get the support you need.

As the name suggests Octagon Insurance is an insurance company that specialise in insuring cars and vans. It is easy to get a free quote just give the company a call or alternatively apply on-line. It is also possible to chat live with an operator on-line. They will be able to answer any questions you may have. Octagon Insurance contact number is 0344 561 4615

Contacting Octagon about Car Insurance

A free car insurance quote will be given to you when you provide Octagon Insurance with your driver and vehicle details. You will also be asked questions about your driving record to see if you are a safe driver. There are many benefits of insuring your car with Octagon Insurance; these are breakdown cover, including use of a courtesy car if you need it. In the event of a breakdown or accident you will be issued with a replacement vehicle to use for either fourteen or twenty one days.

Optional policies can be added to your policy; these include, lost key protection,windscreen protection and legal expenses cover.

Lost key protection cover is also a great benefit of insuring with Octagon Insurance. All your keys are covered in this policy, be it your office, house or car keys. In the event that they are lost or stolen you will be able to claim for any cost associated with this. Costs include hiring a locksmith. You will also be able to get a courtesy car for up to three days if you need to; this will help you if you are stranded. A lost keys claim will not affect your no claims bonus.

Contact the Octagon Insurance number for customer support

The Windscreen protection policy will allow you to repair or replace your windscreen if there’s a chip or a crack in it.

If you are involved in an accident you will be able to claim for any legal expenses inured with the Legal expenses policy. This will help to make the process a lot smoother and less stressful for everyone involved.

Octagon Insurance contact number is 0344 561 4615

Other reasons for contacting Octagon Insurance

Van’s can also be insured with Octagon and the same policies will apply. With van insurance you have the option of adding the tools in transit policy. This will guarantee that any tools in your van are also insured. If you van is stolen you will also be able to claim for the loss of any tools and equipment- perfect for builders or tradesmen.

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