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npower contact number
Contact information for all Npower customer enquiries
Looking for the phone number for the Npower Customer services team & other departments such as complaints? The Dial2Donate Npower Contact Number will connect you directly to Npower Customer Services department.
0843 504 0349

"A large percentage of the call cost will be donated to a local appeal"


Information about the npower customer service number

Being one of the supposed “Big Six” UK energy providers, the fact that the npower contact number receives some of the highest call volumes of any helpline in the country is inevitable. Supplying gas and electricity to homes across the country, there are millions of families who are absolutely dependent upon the business for a whole host of different reasons.

As well as supplying utilities to individuals, npower also have thousands of business accounts. Although the rates, charges and products are somewhat different to what they offer residential account holders, their customer service is still done through their central call centre. However, this is far from the main source of their income and appears to be a mode of diversification for the company.

Following the lead of the likes of SSE, British Gas and EDF Energy, npower have slowly begun to move their support service towards their website. These online support portals do offer some forms of assistance for certain situations, most experts seem to agree that live chat and e-mail are limited in the support that they can provide.

Lengthy amounts of time with any company getting back to a complaint or query that may arise online can be commonplace. So, for anything that is time-sensitive or requires urgent assistance, calling the npower contact number is the only viable option for resolving things. The npower call centre allows anyone calling for a specific issue, such as a complaint should be put through to a member of staff – who can address this issue immediately.

Regardless of what you are calling for, the npower customer service number should have a division of the organisation that can provide help.

Common reasons why people call the npower contact number

I have an emergency relating to npower - what can I do?

As well as being vital to the running of a home, gas and electricity can also be enormously dangerous. If you feel that you may have a gas leak or a fault with your electricity supply, it is always advisable that you get in contact with the npower contact number team immediately so that they can take the necessary action to resolve things.

In most cases, this will include sending out an electricition or gas man to assess the situation as soon as possible. As the npower emergency helpline is available 24 hours a day, one of their technicians should be able to attend to your home within hours – meaning that you can put your mind at rest as soon swiftly.

I'm having issues with my npower payment and billing - how can their customer service team help?

With gas and electricity being one of the main expenditures for any household, paying your utilities bills can sometimes be a problem. The worst thing that you can do in these situations is to try and forget about the matter and hope it goes away.

Despite what people may think, companies are always desperate to help their customers pay their bills in ways that suit them. If you are unable to make the payments on your npower bill, a call to their helpline team should be able to ease your worries somewhat.

The billing department of the npower contact number is able to put together payment plans that are suited to each individuals financial circumstances. As well as a tailored repayment plan, their customer service staff will be able to provide information about changing your energy usage habits to stop this happening again in the future.

How can I make a complaint about npower or a member of npower staff?

Although npower do have incredibly high consumer satisfaction ratings in almost every poll conducted about the energy industry, there are always going to be times when their service isn’t quite up to scratch. Like most of their rivals, npower have increasingly been keen to push their customers towards logging issues online.

Critics have pointed out that this tactic of making individuals lodge complaints online has the advantage of allowing the customer to have ‘cooled down’ by the time that the matter is dealt with – reducing the workload for the npower customer service number team. However, the lengthy turnaround only serves to further enrage many customers.

If you have any kind of complaint about npower or a member of their staff, the quickest and easiest method still appears to be calling the npower contact number directly. From there, a member of staff can act immediately to resolve the matter, or can inform you of what further steps may need to be taken.

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