The Musical Brain

The Musical Brain
Bringing together the worlds of music and science, The Musical Brain is a charity that encourage research into the connection between the arts and the benefits it can have for healing purposes. Forging ahead with research, the charity has found some of the most highly respected minds in the field who can push their work forward by using music to help treat those who are suffering from brain related injuries or illnesses including post traumatic stress disorder.
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The Musical Brain was established in 2010 as a body who are looking to play a central role in the advancement of research and therapy connected with the affect music can have on the brain. Bringing together a raft of musicians, artists, scientists, psychiatrists and more, the body formed to help find and promote their research.

Neuroscientists have long researched the effects of music on the human brain and the therapeutic benefits that it can bring. The connection has been one which has long been known about, yet never fully explored. Evidence has proved that music and language have similarities shared by musical and non-musical brains. It is alleged that these links can be furthered with research and testing and this is what The Musical Brain is here to provide.

Aiming to establish an ongoing program of research and therapy, the team at The Musical Brain regualarly host events and seminars in order to further their work. Offering out a connection between the public and science, The Musical Brain’s work is there to help those with brain injuries or suffering from conditions such as depression, post traumatic stress disorder and much more.

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