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JD Sports customer service number

As one of the last remaining high street sporting clothes stores, the JD Sports contact number is now in more demand than ever before. Although their focus has shifted from being on general sporting goods to fashion wear from the likes of Adidas and Nike, the company remain as profitable and successful as ever. While their presence in terms of stores across the country has decreased over time, this has been more than matched by a growth in e-commerce through their website.

Classically seen as the main rival to the now defunct JJB Sports, the company now mainly have to deal with competition from Sports Direct and Footlocker – but neither quite have the same niche in the marketplace. This special place in the industry that the business has carved out for itself has been key to its survival, as well as growing a customer base dependent on them for clothing and footwear. These are the reasons why the JD Sports phone number is still one of the most searched for in the country.

Common reasons why people call the JD Sports contact number

A trend for most clothing stores is that the majority of the calls made to their helplines are to do with returns and refunds for clothing and footwear bought through their website. Judging by social media, this seems to be the case for the JD Sports customer service number too. As well as their UK call centres having to manage complaints, general enquiries and requests for information about local stores. Thankfully, their contact centre staff appear able to handle this – with the shop having some of the highest ratings on independent consumer review sites.

Of course, having high street stores around the country means that a huge amount of people simply go in-store to have their customer support issues addressed. The company also do offer some forms of online consumer support – but much of it gets automated and doesn’t give¬†quite the same level of assistance as a traditional helpline. As well as seeming to have more power than their in-shop equivalent, the JD Sports contact number are normally able to offer immediate solutions to anyone who dials. Primarily, this is why we recommend that you call them if you have a problem.

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