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Looking for the phone number for the Income Support Claims Number & other departments such as complaints? The Dial2Donate Income Support Contact Number will connect you directly to Income Support Benefit Team.
0843 504 0390

"A large percentage of the cost of the call will be donated to a local appeal"

Income Support contact number

A benefit that has grown in importance over recent years, the Income Support number is now believed to deal with thousands of different callers each and every day. Income Support allows people on low incomes to make ends meet through a nominal welfare payment. It is a benefit that has allowed millions of people across the UK to get back into work and get off of the benefits system.

However, despite the fact that it gets consistently rated as one of the most approved benefits payments in the country, many people are unaware on exactly how the scheme works. Thankfully, the staff who man the Income Support phone number lines are well trained in assessing whether any given caller is eligible to receive payments once they have received a few straightforward details.

Normally, people are transferred onto Income Support straight from being on another form of benefit, such as Employment and Support Allowance (ESA) or Jobseeker’s Allowance (JSA). As such, the contact team can access the records of callers who ring hoping to take advantage of the scheme having been on another form of benefit previously.

As with all aspects of the DWP, Income Support assistance has slowly been transferred towards the web. This switch is largely a cost-cutting measure, and has been relatively poorly received by most independent experts. While FAQ guide and e-mail do offer some form of support, they are unable to offer the quick and effective help that the Income Support number can do with ease.

Common reasons why people get in touch with the Income Support number

I want to start claiming Income Support - how can I do this?

You should normally seek advice whether you can claim Income Support by an advisor at your local Jobcentre Plus. However, if you feel that you are eligible now when you previously weren’t, or you were simply unaware of the scheme, it is advisable to call the Income Support contact number in order to apply.

The easiest way to make a claim is over the phone, where a member of the contact team will be able to take a few simple details about your employment history and current earnings. They will then be able to tel you if you are eligible.

It is important to note that payments are backdated to the day that you first started the application process, so it is worth phoning as soon as possible.

How can I make an Income Support appeal?

With the UK government tightening their guidelines on who is eligible to claim benefits, the Income Support team are having to turn down a lot more applications for payments. However, in a huge amount of these cases, it is worth appealing and providing further documentation – with an enormous number of people overturning the original decision on appeal.

The appeal process for Income Support is usually made through the mail, due to the additional information that is required for the appeal to be considered. However, the Income Support contact number team will be able to set the process in action, and can also offer advice on how the procedure can be sped up.

I need to make a complaint about Income Support - what do I do?

Sadly, the number of complaints about Income Support have reportedly been on the rise in recent years. Whether this is due to an appeal being turned down or simply due to repeated payments being missed, it appears there is some serious unrest with the scheme from many claimants.

The complaints process is best made over the phone. A member of the Income Support number team may even be able to immediately intervene on whatever matter is bothering you. At the very least they should be able to provide information around what steps need to be taken to further the investigation.

If you feel that your complaint is not being taken seriously enough, you can request that it is escalated to an independent review body. The Income Support number team are legally obliged to inform you how you can do this, as well as giving details over what information you will need to present to the adjudicator.

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