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HSBC customer service number

As the main focus of customer service enquiries for one of the largest banks in the world, the HSBC contact number is one of the most phoned of any helpline in the UK. Thankfully, the organisation is believed to have an enormous bank of contact agents in their operations centres across the country. These agents deal effectively with the enormous volume of enquiries that they face each and every day.

Although traditionally a business bank that deals with investments and the stock market, they have increased their dealings with the general public over the course of the last century. With this growth, they have also had to make sure that they increase their call centre staff in order to deal with the influx of new customers.

Currently, the HSBC phone number can deal with enquiries for every service that they provide. This list includes their credit cards, personal loans and mortgages, as well as wealth management. One of the main phone calls relates to lost and stolen cards. So vital is this service that lines are open 24 hours a day, and a specialist anti-fraud team man this aspect of the contact number.

Following the lead of TSB, Santander and other banks, HSBC has slowly moved their consumer support towards their official website. This switch is mainly a cost-cutting measure, but does offer some added assistance and does take some of the stress away from their contact centres. However, most experts agree that FAQs and e-mail correspondence do not offer anywhere near the same level help as the HSBC phone number.

Common reasons why people call the HSBC contact number

I am moving home - how can I update my HSBC account with this information?

Moving house can always be a hassle, but thankfully the HSBC call centre staff can quickly manage the administration of changing the details on your account. While it does not have a dedicated department, each member of the customer service team will be able to process these changes immediately.

You can also start the procedure online. However, the lengthy turnaround and the problematic nature of ensuring that changes have been made using this method means that it is largely prohibitive.

How can I deal with my HSBC business banking?

It gets widely believed that the main way that businesses deal with HSBC is over the phone. There is a dedicated department of the HSBC contact number that manages their business accounts and can offer tailored advice for companies who bank with the organisation.

There are other ways in which HSBC business banking operates – namely through selected local branches and via their online portals. However, these are not commonly used.

How can I make a complaint about HSBC?

Unfortunately, there are always going to be times during which HSBC fails to live up the high standards expected of the bank. In these times, it is fair to log a complaint with the organisation, and the easiest way to do this is through calling the HSBC phone number.

The member of the customer service team that you connect to will take the details of your issue, and should be able to offer information around which steps will be taken to resolve your complaint.

If you feel that HSBC are not taking your complaint seriously enough, or they are not offering the solutions you desire, there is the option of escalating your complaint. The HSBC contact number team are legally obliged to inform you how you can do this – normally it is by referring the matter to an independent industry watchdog or ombudsman.

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