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0843 504 0393

"A large percentage of the cost of the call will be donated to a local appeal"

HMRC helpline number

As perhaps the most influential of any UK government department, the HMRC contact number is always going to receive a high volume of calls. As perhaps the one body that affects the day to day life of Britons more than any other, the HMRC support staff are responsible for dealing with calls across a whole range of different subjects. Thankfully, it is believed that the HMRC phone number is one of the most effective and efficient of any government helpline.

Broadly, queries directed to the HMRC contact number are split into two distinct categories – calls from individuals and calls from businesses. Calls from members of the British public usually relate to income tax and national insurance contributions, whereas companies deal with much broader problems such as VAT payments and import taxes. These get handled by different UK based call centres who specialise in each of these matters.

Despite the complexity of problems faced by the HMRC helpline number, their support staff still receive favourable reviews in general from the people who dial them. The positive feedback may relate to the fact that they have been set up specifically to effectively manage calls. This set-up allows for anyone dialling to either get the resolution that they require or fully understand the process that they are undertaking.

One of the major moves made by the government cuts of recent years has been a slow but steady transition towards offering support online. These web based portals are cheaper to maintain, but are not currently able to offer the same tailored assistance that the HMRC helpline usually can. While many of the automated services – such as making tax payments or submitting a tax return – work perfectly fine, with anything more complex is when problems start to appear.

Common reasons why people phone the HMRC contact number

I am unsure whether I am paying the correct taxes - can the HMRC phone number help me?

Although the majority of the PAYE system and various other schemes get automated, there are many instances where an individual or a company may be overpaying or underpaying on their tax. This factor is easy to assess, and should also be rectifiable for the future.

The HMRC helpline number team will ask for the required information surrounding your earnings and other relevant details. From there, they will be able to know whether you are on the correct tax code, and if not they will be able to make the relevant amendments.

If you have been overpaying on your tax, the HMRC support team will be able to organise a tax rebate to be sent by cheque to your address. In cases of underpayment, the HMRC contact number team will be able to come up with a repayment plan that suits all the parties involved.

How can I appeal a decision made by HMRC?

Like all government departments, the HMRC phone number deals extensively with people who are upset with how a certain matter got resolved. The process from this point is to move towards an appeal – and this can be instigated by calling their main helpline.

As further documentation is often needed, the majority of an appeal will be made via post. However, the phone number team are more than able to offer advice and assistance on any ongoing appeal.

I need to make a complaint about HMRC

Sadly, HMRC deals with thousands of complaints each year. These vary from people wanting to log problems that they have come across, through to those wishing to change exactly how the entire organisation functions through their processes and procedures.

The HMRC phone number have procedures in place to deal with any sort of complaint, and are legally obliged to inform you on how you can best go about having your problem resolved. If they cannot offer an immediate solution over the phone, they will inform you of what steps you should take next and how this will affect you.

In some cases, the HMRC team may not be able to provide the resolution that you require, even after investigation. In these situations, it is best to ask the HMRC contact number staff to escalate the matter to an independent watchdog.

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