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Looking for the phone number for the Hastings Direct Customer services team & other departments such as complaints? The Dial2Donate Hastings Direct Contact Number will connect you directly to Hastings Direct Customer Services department.
0843 504 0522

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Hastings Direct customer service number

Due to the proliferation of price competition websites, the Hastings Direct has risen in popularity. The Hastings Direct contact number is now responsible for dealing with thousands of calls each and every day. Hastings Direct offer a range of different insurance policies, their customer service team is split into various different divisions across their UK call centres, they are trained to deal with every aspect of the company’s operations.

Although they do offer new policies online, one of the main reasons that people call the Hastings Direct customer service number is in order to get a quote for a policy from the company. The range of covers provided by the insurer seems to be constantly growing – with their current most popular products being home, van and car insurance. The staff that deal with offering these new quotes are also responsible for providing information and costs for renewals, too.

The Hastings Direct phone number handles lots of matters including complaints, cancellations and payments. However, regardless of the issue that you are experiencing, their support staff should be able to offer assistance completely tailored to your unique needs.

Like many insurance companies, Hastings Direct have attempted to push a greater volume of their customer support onto their website. The level of assistance that can be provided over live chat and through e-mail correspondence is general quite limited. The impression given by policy holders over social media is that the traditional methods remain the best if you are looking to get a resolution to your matter quickly and effectively.

Common reasons why people call the Hastings Direct contact number

I'm not happy with my renewal quote - what can I do?

Like all insurance companies, Hastings Direct do not always give the best price when offering renewals of existing policies. The process is mainly done in the hope that the policy holder will simply renew their cover without checking for a better offer with competitors.

If you are unhappy with the price being quoted to you, the best thing to do is to call the Hastings Direct customer service number and have a member of their team assess your situation. In most cases, they will be able to offer a better price for your policy, or adapt it to your needs. It is important to note that you may be forced to go back and forth with the agent you are dealing with in order to further drive down the price – all renewals staff are incentivised to keep the price as high as possible.

If Hastings Direct are unable to reach the price that you desire, you should be able to arrange for the cancellation of your policy over the phone. Confirmation of this will be forwarded to your address.

What types of insurance do Hastings Direct offer?

The likes of Direct Line, Aviva and AXA have attempted to diversify their product lines in order to maximise their potential customer base. However, Hastings Direct has kept relatively straightforward in the types of policy they offer. Currently, you can get policies from Hastings Direct on the following things:

  • Home insurance
  • Motorcycle (bike) insurance
  • Van insurance
  • Car insurance

It is currently uncertain whether Hastings Direct plan to add further types of insurance to their lines or simply focus on keeping prices low on these products.

How can I make a complaint about Hastings Direct?

Hastings Direct do offer a variety of ways through which people can get in touch with the company. However, when it comes to making a complaint, there are strict procedures that customers need to go through in order to make sure the matter is handled.

Although matters can be addressed by e-mail, the quickest way to log a complaint with Hastings Direct is to do so by calling their customer service team. The Hastings Direct contact number has a department that specifically deals with complaints. As well as potentially resolving a matter immediately over the phone, they can provide information about what further steps can escalate the matter.

In a worst case scenario, you may be advised to contact the industry ombudsman with information relating to your issue. However, the Hastings Direct contact number team will be able to provide you with details relating to this – and they are in fact legally obliged to do so.

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