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0843 504 0384

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Halifax customer service number

Halifax has been one of the foremost financial institutions in the country for decades, both as a building society and a bank. As such, the Halifax contact number is in constant demand from the millions of customers who use the organisation. Although the majority of their business comes from personal accounts and savings, they have recently become a market leader in both the mortgage and loans sectors. This change has mainly been thanks to offering highly competitive interest rates, but is also thanks to their industry leading customer service.

Rivalling the likes of RBS, TSB and Santander for new custom, Halifax have gone from strength to strength in recent years, despite the UK-wide recession. With this growth has come a similar rise in the amount calls that their helpline number has come to expect each day. Thankfully, the business has evolved to the point where they can quickly and effectively deal with anyone dialling without having to compromise on the quality of the support being provided.

Much like their rivals, Halifax has attempted to push some of their support towards their official website. The need for this is partly down to consumer demand for alternative ways of getting in touch with them but has also been in order to attempt to cut down on costs. The more people who handle their problems themselves by using FAQ guides and walkthroughs, the fewer call centre contact agents that the bank will have to employ. However, most experts seem to agree that this is an inefficient way of having a problem dealt with, with the Halifax customer service number supposedly being the best way to have any issue quickly addressed.

As Halifax bank’s operations have grown, so has the call centre around it. Now, there are individual contact teams who deal with each section of the organisations operations. The different sections of their helpline deal with queries for personal loans, mortgages, credit cards and insurance, and there is also a specialist Halifax business account section. However, all of these can be reached by dialling the central Halifax phone number. Calls are simply redirected through to whichever member of staff is available who will most accurately be able to aid you in your query.

Common questions asked of the Halifax contact number

I need to lodge a complaint with Halifax - how can I do this?

One of the main ways in which Halifax have attempted to push their online customer support is through their complaints procedures. Most banks prefer their clients to submit any issue they may have through the live chat or e-mail forms found on their contact us page. However, these methods can be incredibly sluggish, and can sometimes serve to further anger customers who are already frustrated.

If you need to raise an issue with the bank, the Halifax contact number still seems to be the best and swiftest way to do it. By speaking to a member of their helpline staff, you will be able to get an immediate response to your complaint, and their team should be able to provide an instant solution to your problem. If they are not able to resolve things straight away, they should also be able to offer advice on what steps will be taken next to clear the matter.

If you feel that your complaint is not being adequately resolved by the Halifax customer service number team, their staff are legally bound to inform you on how to escalate the matter further. Whether this is done through a letter to their head office address or by getting in touch with an independent review panel and ombudsmen depends entirely on your particular situation.

How can I report my Halifax debit card or credit card as lost or stolen?

One issue that every account holder is almost guaranteed to come across at some point is that of a lost or stolen credit or debit card. Thankfully, with Halifax this is a relatively straightforward matter to resolve.

Upon calling the Halifax contact number, you will be given the option of connecting through to their lost and stolen cards division. As well as asking for the circumstances that lead to you no longer being in possession of your card, they will be able to detect if there has been any fraud as a result of this. Halifax will then cancel your card and send out a replacement to the address on your account.

Unfortunately, there are no emergency cash facilities – this appears to be exclusively the domain of competitors Natwest. However, any Halifax local branch will be able to provide you with a small amount of money to tide you over until your new card arrives. This process will typically take between three to five business days.

I've got a question about my Halifax mortgage - what can I do?

As well as their personal and savings accounts, one of the main aspects of Halifax’s business is offering mortgages. While many of their rivals have shied away from the housing market following the global recession, Halifax has repeatedly been top of reports showing the best lenders in the UK.

Whether you are looking to take out a new mortgage or would like to talk about a home loan that you already have with the bank, the Halifax phone number should be able to help. All of their mortgage advisors can offer tailored advice around your unique needs, as well as talking about how you could adjust your repayments to suit your needs.

As with many of their services, Halifax does still prefer for their mortgage discussions to take place in a local branch. The Halifax contact number should be able to make an appointment with an advisor in a location close to where you live, as well as informing you of what documentation that you should take.

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