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Friends Life Customer service number (for call connections)

Despite hte fact that it was bought out by Aviva in December 2014, there are still a huge amount of people who need to call the Friends Life Contact Number (for call connections) each and every day. This is mostly because Friends Life is still technically operating as a seperate entity while the takeover happens Рbut it is expected that eventually their operations will be merged into their new parent company Рand this should potentially include the Friends Life Customer service number (for call connections). However, in the meantime, their existing customers are still largely acting as if little has changed Рand from the point of view of the consumer, little actually has.

As the 5th largest UK life insurance company and pensions provider in the UK, Friends Life has been one of the main forces in the financial industry in recent times. However, rather than being particularly prominent in people’s minds, the company has largely acted through other pre-existing companies that they had bought out – with AXA and Friends Provident perhaps being the two most well known. However, there has always been a large amount of people who have needed to speak to the Friends Life Call Connection Phone Number team for a variety of reasons.

Common reasons why people call the Friends Life contact number

Insurance companies and pensions providers generally have the same queries asked of them regardless of their size. As well as people calling in order to take out a new policy, they deal with cancellations, payment issues and upgrading existing cover. As with any helpline, this is complemented by the usual complaints, queries and questions from their customers among other things. Thankfully the Friends Life Customer service number (for call connections) team are able to deal with all of these problems quickly and easily from their UK call centres – and are widely perceived to be some of the support staff in the industry.

Unlike a lot of similar companies, the fact that Friends Life mainly acted as a parent company and didn’t seem to offer many policies directly meant that their online support portal was never really expanded to the point that their rivals were. However, they did – and do – still offer e-mail support and postal correspondence among other things. Like most businesses though, any matter that is pressing or urgent should be dealt with as soon as possible by a member of their customer service team by calling the Friends Life Contact Number (for call connections) immediately.

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