Forever Manchester

Forever Manchester
Realising the the power of Mancunian's willing to help each other, Forever Manchester formed as a community support network.
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A charity that gets into the grass roots of many causes and projects across the area that may have since withered away without this essential intervention. It is estimated that there are over 200,000 community projects from large to small in operation across Greater Manchester. Housing a population of 2.6 million people, you can imagine that a large number of those people are involved in some way with at least one, if not more of those projects. So far, Forever Manchester has been able to provide assistance – both financially and with manpower – to a large number of these projects including Singing with Dementia in Salford and the Heroes Project. A large number of these groups have been unable to secure much needed funding via the traditional routes and without the generous contributions from individuals and local business, many would have ceased to exist. Not only providing funding and assistance, Forever Manchester also enhance and strengthen community connections. Bringing Greater Manchester together to become and even ‘greater’ Manchester, inspiring locals to go and do wonderful things in the community. Along with providing much needed funds and support, Forever Manchester also provides vital life lines for those living in the area who may have fallen on hard times. Supporting food banks and local sports teams amongst other projects, Forever Manchester are positioned at the heart of the city helping it beat further. During 2013 nearly 1500 community groups, along with 151,988 people benefited from the support of Forever Manchester with over £3.75 million being distributed. Click on their links to find out more,

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