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Family Allowance contact number
Need to speak to the Family Allowance contact number team? Dial the DWP now and speak to the Family Allowance phone number call centre now.

Money that is paid to parents or guidance that are taking care of a child is known as Family Allowance. However, the money is only legible to parents until their child reaches the age of 18, if the child is still schooling then the payment can be made until the child attains the age of 20. There is no age limit on the parent who is claiming the payment, as long as they are taking care of a child then anyone can be able to make the claim. If you are uncertain about the amount or there are things that you need to inquire, you can use the Family Allowance contact number 0300 200 3100 to talk to a customer care service.

Speaking to the DWP on the Family Allowance contact number

The compensation is paid has a rate that is high for your oldest child. The amount that you get if you have one child is £20.70. If you have other children, then the amount that you get is £13.70 for each of them. The payment is made every week. If the parent is receiving income support or job seeker allowance and has a child, it is possible that the Family Allowance will affect that amount of income support that they receive.

The allowance that is given to support a child is not usually taxed. However in a situation where the parents are earning an income that is above £50,000 individually, then a tax charge will be introduced as a way of reducing the amount of payment that the parents receive. If you are not sure about this, then you need to call the customer service so that they can clarify the issue for you.

The Family Allowance customer service team is only a phone call away

When it comes to receiving the payment, payment method preferred are; bank account, post office, or a building society. However, if one cannot afford to manage any of these accounts, then they are given cash when they visit the offices. It is best that you clarify with the organization on the type of payment method that you are comfortable using. If something changes and you need to alter the payment method that you had stated, call the Family Allowance contact number and inform them.

If you do not agree with the decision that has been made regarding the Family Allowance that you get, then you should ask for a statement that states the reason. If the reason given is not correct for instance, due to the use of information that is not correct, you can request for it to be looked into again or you can make an appeal. Note that the time limit is small and you are given a month to dispute the decision made.

Typical reasons people contact Family Allowance

If you do not receive the amount that you are entitled to, then you do not need to travel to the office. All you have to do is use the Family Allowance contact number and inform them you have not received the payment. The customer helpline service will be more than glad to help. When calling about any issue, ensure that you have the National Insurance number and child benefits number, as they will be used for clarification.

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