ESA Contact Number

ESA Contact Number
Contact information for all ESA (Employment Support Allowance) enqiries
Looking for the phone number for the ESA (Employment Support Allowance) Customer services team & other departments such as complaints? The Dial2Donate ESA Contact Number will connect you directly to ESA Customer Services department.
0843 504 0383

"A large percentage of the call cost will be donated to a local appeal"

ESA phone number

Arguably the most vital of all payments made by the UK government, the ESA contact number is in constant demand from people who need to chat to a member of their helpline team about the benefit. Estimates show that thousands of people dial the number each and every day for a variety of different reasons.

Employment and Support Allowance is so important as it is the main welfare scheme aimed at those who are unemployed and are in not in a fit enough mental or physical state to work. With people largely dependent on the funds from the scheme, the ESA phone number is the main point of contact with the DWP on the matter.

In light of recent clampdowns by the government, issues around ESA have become even more pressing. Many believe that the majority of calls made to the ESA number are done in order to log some form of issue with payment or to appeal a decision made by the DWP. Thankfully, the ESA helpline staff are always willing to do everything within their power to help the caller, regardless of their unique circumstances.

As with every aspect of the DWP, there have been moves to try and replace the ESA phone number with online support portals. Although e-mail correspondence and FAQs certain have their place, most experts agree that they do not quite offer the same level of assistance as a contact agent. It is for this reason that we advise anyone with an issue to get in touch with the ESA contact number rather than by any other method.

Common reasons why people call the ESA contact number

I would like to apply for Employment and Support Allowance - what do I do?

Despite guidelines being tightened around Employment and Support Allowance, there are still thousands of new applications made to be for the scheme each year. The main way in which people start the process is through getting in touch with the ESA contact number and having a member of their team talk through the procedure.

You can complete the application process online, but many claimants have noted that this can be difficult to understand. By speaking to the ESA phone number team directly, they will be able to take all the relevant information and ensure that the whole process gets completede correctly.

The application process should take under and hour and the member of staff who speaks to you will be able to immediately advise whether you are eligible or not.

I need to appeal against an ESA decision - how can I do this?

Mainly, appeals processes for any DWP department are largely done through the mail. The reason for this is related to the amount of further documentation required to assess a claim.

However, it is recommended that the start of any appeal should begin by calling the relevant helpline – and this is certainly the case with the ESA telephone number. A member of their staff will be able to assist you on what information you will need to provide, and give details on how the procedure will progress.

In some cases, the member of staff from the ESA contact number will be able to take immediate action in regards to your claim, or may even be able to investigate further. However, this is dependent upon your personal circumstance and the details of the appeal.

How can I complain about ESA?

Sadly, the tightening of who is eligible for ESA has made the number of complaints about the scheme rise rapidly in recent years. Currently, one of the main reasons that people call is in order to raise an issue with their support staff. The complaints team is believed to be one of the biggest aspects of the ESA contact number.

You may feel that the ESA number is unable to deal accurately with your complaint, or that they have not taken the matter seriously. If this is the case, there is the option of escalating your complaint to an independent body for adjudication. The ESA phone number team are legally obliged to tell you how you can do this, as well as the details that you will need to provide when doing so.

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