EON contact number

EON contact number
Contact details for EON customer service
Looking for the phone number for the EON customer service team & other departments such as EON complaints? The Dial2Donate EON number will connect you directly to the customer service department.

EON phone number

1 pence per minute of your call will be donated to a local charity at no extra cost to you, simply by using this Dial2Donate number. Calls will cost 5 pence per minute from a BT landline, but may vary depending on your service provider.

EON customer service number

As one of the main utilities providers in the country, the fact that the EON contact number is in such high demand is to be expected. Employing thousands of customer service staff to man the phones in their UK call centres, they deal with thousands of calls from consumers each and every day for a whole host of different reasons.

Like most of the supposed “Big Six” energy suppliers, EON were initially slow to take advantage of the world of possibilities opened up by the internet. This has recently changed, with the company constantly adding new aspects to their online customer support portal, including FAQ guides, live chat and e-mail correspondence. They also allow certain aspects of users accounts to be managed online – but this is largely limited to minor administrative matters.

For the most pressing matters, most people still recommend that it is worth getting in touch with the EON phone number directly, as a member of their support staff will be able to quickly and effectively address your issue. Most people have pointed out that one of the major faults in online support is that it is near impossible for companies to tailor their platforms to match exactly what the consumer is looking for.

Why do people call the E ON contact number?

This can often lead to users becoming ever more frustrated with the fact that they are having to jump through hoops to have a problem resolved. In this respect, it is impossible to see how filling out a form will ever properly replace the traditional method of calling up a customer service agent – and this certainly seems to be the case for the EON phone number.

Providing billions of pounds worth of electricity and gas to British homes, the EON phone number has to deal with a wide variety of different queries each day. the majority of those dialling are doing so thanks to issues with their payment or billing, or are doing so in order to lodge a complaint. There has also be a rise in the amount of people calling the helpline in order to ask about green energy alternative Рsomething that EON are keen to expand on in the future. Regardless of your query, the EON contact number team should be able to address the issue quickly and effectively.

Common reasons why people call the EON contact number

How can I make a complaint about EON?

Similar to the likes of British Gas and npower, EOn like for complaints to be done through their online portals. This supposedly mainly so that a member of their customer service team doesn’t have to deal with a subscriber while they are angry – instead allowing the individual to calm down before they broach the issue and attempt a resolution.

Many people have pointed out that the slow turnaround times when submitting forms online can be prohibitive for a huge percentage of issues. Many EON complaints may be time sensitive or urgent – and in these cases, the only way to have the matter dealt with immediately is to call the EON phone number and speak to a member of their support team.

Their call centre staff should be able to either offer a solution immediately, or outline what steps they intend to take. This may include further investigation, but can also include the suggestion that you escalate your complaint to an industry ombudsman.

I think I have a gas leak or another emergency - what do I do?

Although the majority of the calls directed to the EON contact number are to do with problems relating to the administration of individual accounts, the company are also duty bound to make sure that any emergency situations are dealt with as quickly as possible. this is why the emergency response part of the EON helpline is available 24 hours a day, with engineers being able to be dispatched at a moment’s notice.

Common reasons for an emergency call include a gas leak or a problem with faulty electricity supplies. However, if you feel that you are at risk as a result of any kind of issue with your EON service, it is always recommended that you get in touch with their team immediately so that they can attempt to resolve the mater as soon as possible.

I am moving home and need to switch my EON account to my new address - how can I do this?

One of the most common administration issues dealt with by the EON team is the matter of subscribers moving home. The fact that this is an incredibly frequent occurrence means that there is a dedicated section of the EON phone number that is related exclusively to these kinds of matters.

If you are moving home and need to switch your EON service over to your new address, the process is relatively straightforward. As long as you have all of your account details to hand when you call the EON contact number, the procedure should only last a couple of minutes – and you service should be ready to be moved over on the date of your choosing, with no break in supply.

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