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Looking for the phone number for the EE Customer services team & other departments such as complaints? The Dial2Donate EE Contact Number will connect you directly to EE (Everything Everywhere) Customer Services department.
0843 504 0338

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EE customer service number

Formed following the merger of the UK arms of T-Mobile and Orange, EE is and now responsible for millions of customers across Britain. The EE contact number is one of the most phoned of any mobile provider in the country. It is partially due to the existing customer bases, which feed brands brought to the new business. However, EE is quickly winning over new customers entirely on its own, with their extensive 4G network at being one of their key selling points.

Despite the brand now being the largest mobile network operator in the country, one of the main reasons people get in contact with EE customer service is the need to make a complaint. The issues being experienced by consumers range from calls being dropped, through to issues with billings and payment. Thankfully, the EE phone number team – many of whom previously manned the T-Mobile and Orange helplines – are capable of dealing with such matters quickly and easily.

Much like their main competitors O2 and Vodafone, EE is increasingly attempting to get their customers to deal with their queries using online self-service platforms and web based support portals. From FAQs and guides through to live chat and email correspondence. However, while these options do provide some assistance, most consumers still seems to prefer making a phone call over web-based communication.

Due to the breadth of the business, the EE phone number and the wider EE call centre is divided up into many different sub-sections. Each team is specially trained to deal with one particular type of issue, as well as being able to provide general assistance to everyday queries. Regardless of your reason for phoning the EE contact number, a member of their customer service team should either be able to address your issue directly. Alternatively they will be able to pass you on to a member of the team who can do so themselves.

Common reasons why people call the EE contact number

What is the best way to make a complaint to EE?

Like most companies in the modern day, EE have increased the amount of ways through which you can get in touch with them. However, this has made it increasingly difficult to choose the correct way to have a problem dealt with – and this is certainly the case when making a complaint.

Complaints can currently be lodged with EE through live chat, over e-mail, by post and through the EE phone number. The main problem with live chat is that the agents who man these platforms often don’t have the resources or times at their disposal to offer a satisfactory resolution. While both e-mail and post have long response times.

Calls directed to the EE customer service number can be passed on to the complaints team. Their staff can then either resolve the matter immediately or give advice regarding what further steps will hopefully taken lead to a resolution.

How can I cancel my EE contract?

Cancelling any contract with EE is largely dependent upon what stage of your deal with the company you are at. The terms for cancelling an EE contract should have been detailed to you when you signed up with the company, and consumers are only usually able to cancel a deal once the original term of the deal is completed.

If your contract is coming to an end, the original term has recently finished or you feel that you are within your rights to cancel, the EE customer service team will be able to offer tailored advice to your unique situation. In all likelihood, you will be transferred through to the retentions team, who are able to give enormous discounts, offers and upgrades in order to try and keep customers with the business.

As long as your reasons for leaving EE are valid and within the terms and conditions of your contract, the EE contact number team should be able to cancel your deal relatively quickly. Confirmation of this should then be sent to your through the post to your designated address.

I would like to upgrade my phone - can EE customer services help?

With phones becoming more quickly outdated than at any other point in human history, the EE upgrades team are in constant demand from people looking to get a new handset. In most cases, upgrades can only be issued at the end of a contract period – but there are different circumstances that can prompt an early upgrade.

The EE website does offer some information around upgrading your phone, but there is very little room for negotiation using this method. Thankfully, the EE contact number has a department that deals specifically with this, and they will be able to offer deals depending on your situation. Please be aware that you may be required to negotiate in order to get the phone or the deal that you want.

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